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Elevator Moving !

This quick overview will give you some easy knowledge of moving into a building with elevator access and requirements. As most cities are starting to build up rather than around, buildings and elevators are becoming commonplace around Ontario. Here's a brief understanding and introduction into moving when one is involved.

Getting an Elevator Reservation

Although some condo and apartment buildings have special service elevators, the majority of them have a service mode that will be activated for the length of your relocation. This implies that the elevator is only available to you and your movers. The doors will remain open for as long as you require them, and the elevator will remain on the floor where you require it, rather than being dispatched to another location.

To make a reservation, you must usually contact building management or the concierge and request a reservation or fill out an application detailing the day and time you will use the elevator. The optimum time to schedule an elevator is between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

We personally try and reserve an elevator 3 weeks in advance. Sometimes you can get lucky a few days before, but if you know that you're moving, best practice is being safe.

Be cautious of the time involved when moving

We try our very best to make sure we stay within timeframes with our elevator booking slot. Though, it is best practice to make sure the building manager is aware of how much is to go when moving day arrives. Try to be realistic and communicate with your movers and their quote to get a proper time estimate.

If your moving company is simply carrying your larger or heavier goods, make sure to allow extra time for any of the items you'll be relocating, since you'll be making journeys between your old and new houses, which might take a long time.

Check to see how much time you have with the elevator at each of your destinations. This is especially critical when moving into a new building; if your bookings aren't well-planned and you don't give enough time to finish the pick-up, you risk missing your elevator reservation at your new building.

Parking Requirements

Parking requirements are strict in condo and apartment complexes to ensure that occupants are not inconvenienced. Because your moving company will most likely be delivering a large truck, make sure you reserve the suitable parking place for the moving vehicle, as well as the elevator.

Even if you're only using the packing services, you'll need to book a parking spot for the truck. Ask your concierge or management when hiring the service elevator if there are any limitations or particular criteria that the movers should be aware of, such as loading dock height limits. Some buildings, particularly condos, include a "moving room" in addition to specialized service elevators that must be utilized for moves instead of the main door. Inquire with your building manager in advance.

These are some of the basic blips of information for elevator moving. If you require a more in depth approach and want to know the do's and don'ts, contact your team at #friendlycitymovers

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