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How to prepare for bad weather... When MOVING

Updated: Jun 13, 2022


If you're relocating during the winter or spring, you'll have a much higher chance of encountering inclement weather. Whether you're expecting snow, frost, rain, or wind, you'll want to prepare for a few things ahead of time:

Weather and travel forecasts - If you suspect terrible weather is on the way, there are two things you should look into before doing anything else. The first will be the local weather prediction for the day of your move, as well as the forecast for your final location.

The next step will be to look up traffic reports for the routes you've picked. You may experience long traffic backups or road closures if there is heavy snow, floods, or frost. If there is a danger of becoming trapped, you may need to plan alternate routes or even prepare for the worst. Again, competent removal company should be able to assist you in anticipating any potential issues.

Obtaining Parking – Do you have any parking places available for your movers, or would they have to pay for parking on the day? What is the distance between the spaces and your home? To prevent having to come up with a solution on the spot, you should know this ahead of time.

Carrying heavy furniture - Up and down stairs is perilous in the best of circumstances, but it can be lethal in bad weather. If your movers will have to confront any stairs, indoors or out, make sure to notify them ahead of time and on the day of the move.

Access - If your property is located on a winding road or the movers will have to carry your things through any tight spots, this might create significant delays. If there will be snow or ice, it will be necessary to clean the walkways before the relocation begins.

Belongings — Depending on what you're transferring, you and your movers may need to take extra precautions to ensure that everything is safe. Heavy or delicate furniture may need more people or possibly specialized equipment.

As a result, letting the movers know what you want to transfer ahead of time is critical. You'll also want to make sure that your goods are packed and sealed with adequate packing tape in case of rain or snow.

Keeping your old and new properties clean - If your movers will be tracking in mud and slush, it will be worthwhile to take care to keep your old and new properties clean. To keep the floor as clean as possible, use towels or cardboard around your entryway. If the cleanliness of your home will affect your deposit, it may be worthwhile to hire a local cleaner after the move is completed.

Insurance - For your moving day, your selected removal company should be able to give enough insurance coverage. This will cover goods-in-transit insurance for your possessions as well as public liability insurance for the removalists. If there is a potential that bad weather may cause your move to be delayed, you may be required to pay an additional waiver to prevent being charged for extra hours.

Weather policies that are ineffective – Most possible concerns will have been handled with at least once by experienced removal company. If your relocation day needs to be rescheduled, your final pick should have rules in place. You'll also want to have your estate agent's phone number accessible in case you need to postpone your visit to your new home.

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