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How to relieve STRESS on MOVE day!

When it comes to moving apartments or homes, most people's top 10 favourite things to do — or even their top 100 favourite things to do — are unlikely to include it. Aside from being stressful, it's also costly and time-consuming, to say nothing of the other less-than-positive qualities that come to mind. There are, however, methods to make relocating less stressful by following specific guidelines.

Create a Moving To-Do List

To-do lists are more than half the fight when it comes to time management and getting things done, and they also help when it comes to relocating. Jason Koczi, of Friendly City Movers says " The process of moving a home is a delicate and stressful one. You don't just simply throw items in boxes and run them into a truck. It takes careful planning, maneuvering and execution to make sure everything lines up correctly."

Use a moving checklist

Another important method to decrease stress on moving day is to use a moving checklist. "Checklists are useful when it comes to following particular parts of the moving process and taking care of items that are sometimes overlooked," Josiah P of Friendly City Movers says. "You may make one yourself, look for a decent one on the Internet, or look for one on the website of a professional moving company, such a Friendly City Movers.

Conquer each room at a time

Looking around at all of your stuff, from furniture to knickknacks, may be stressful when getting ready to move. However, if you concentrate on one area at a time, you'll be able to cut your main aim – packing up your entire home — in half or into smaller portions.

Organizing is an important goal, as it makes the unpacking process much easier.

Get the packing out of the way immediately

If you normally delay when it comes to accomplishing things, don't do so when it comes to relocating. "Start sooner rather than later," Jason K advises. "Preparing for a relocation isn't the same as packing for a vacation; it always takes twice as long as you expect." He recommends getting started as soon as possible by sorting and packing goods that are no longer needed or utilised on a daily basis. "Get a couple of large storage buckets and name them 'keep,' 'toss,"sell,' and 'give,'" he suggests. "Have a couple boxes next to four piles to instantly put away each thing as you move through a room or closet." Then mark the box with packed products on the top and sides right away."

Label everything that's going

Are you being particular with your box labels, even if you're presumably labelling boxes for your move? "Use a labelling system to avoid the bother of mystery boxes," says one packer. According to David of Friendly City Movers, If you have four kitchen boxes, for example, he recommends labelling each one K (for kitchen), then #1, #2, and so on. Then write down what's in each box on a sheet of paper. "When you're relocating, this will go a long way toward ensuring you know where everything is," David adds. "If listing stuff isn't your thing, group comparable objects together instead of putting anything within reach into a random box."

Pre plan your move, far ahead

When it comes to relocating, as with anything else in life, having a plan in place is beneficial. "Having a plan makes moving less difficult, both emotionally and financially," says the author. "For example, if you can contact your new building ahead of time to book the service elevator, do it now rather than two days before your move-in date." Basically, the more concerns you can anticipate and address ahead of time, the better.

"Plan ahead of time — don't begin packing or cleaning on moving day; the only thing you should be doing on moving day is moving." Physically transporting furniture and boxes from one location to another. "That process is difficult enough without adding to it by packing, wrapping, and disassembling furniture," says Jason K.

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