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What supplies do I need for MOVING ?

If you have the correct moving materials, your relocation will go more smoothly. Choosing cardboard boxes and packing material, on the other hand, generally takes a second place to finding the finest moving firms. We've compiled a list of common moving goods to make it simple to get what you need. Everything from packing materials to plastic wrap to equipment for moving large and small appliances may be found here:

Basics to pack

Making a list of essentials may assist alleviate the stress of deciding what packing goods to purchase. These are the things you can't live without.


Boxes are the most critical moving supplies you'll need. To make packing easier, we recommend acquiring a range of box sizes and kinds. Get small boxes for heavy goods such as books and large boxes for light, bulky items like as pillows or blankets at the very least. For fragile items like plates, medium boxes with box separators are ideal.


Of course, you don't want to just stuff everything into a box. To protect fragile goods like your dinnerware, use foam wrap sheets. Bubble wrap is ideal for encasing bigger or unusually shaped breakables.

Material labelling

As you pack, label your boxes. Some individuals enjoy the simplicity of writing on a box, while others prefer coloured stickers.

Tape for packing

While you may be tempted to use the cheapest packing tape you can find, we advocate investing a few dollars on better tape. Cheap tape is frequently too thin to use easily and has poor sticking strength.

Rope or cargo straps

Use cargo straps or rope to protect your belongings from shifting around when you load your moving truck. Unsecured goods have the potential to move and cause damage. Cargo straps allow you to secure your belongings to the moving truck's side or to each other. Simply ensure that your straps are sturdy enough to hold heavy items in place without snapping.

Furniture and appliances should be moved.

You'll need these things if you're hauling furniture.

Furniture pads are useful for protecting large pieces of furniture. Using a pad to protect your dresser might make the difference between it looking brand new and having a giant gouge on the top that you notice every time you try to retrieve socks. We propose renting furniture pads rather than buying them.

Covers for furniture

These plastic coverings protect your furniture by sliding over it. While the covers do not provide protection, they do assist in keeping your belongings clean and can help reduce surface damage. Mattress covers can help you keep your warranty on pricey things like mattresses.

Hand trucks and dollies

Unless you expect to move a lot of furniture on a frequent basis and have plenty of storage space, we recommend renting handtrucks and dollies from a moving company rather than buying them.

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