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In this quick blog post, we'll go over some of the advantages of WHY we use a moving truck vs a moving trailer. Both are effective and both serve their purpose, but at Friendly City Movers, we prefer a singular unit. Again, everyone has their own preferences and we completely and entirely respect each choice.

There are several options for getting your home products from point A to point B these days. Moving trucks and moving trailers are two of the most popular solutions. Despite the fact that they serve the same basic objective, they are two quite different forms of transportation.

What is the definition of a moving truck?

A moving truck is not the same as a regular pickup truck. Professional movers will use trucks with a large enclosed, open area in the back and seating for two to three persons in the cab. The back door may roll up and down, and some even feature sliding sides, such as the newest line of International models we've been looking at. Importantly, they can be locked up and safeguarded as well.

What is the definition of a moving trailer?

It's crucial to keep in mind that there are several different types of moving trailers. Cargo trailers, for example, are totally enclosed and feature a lockable door. Utility trailers, on the other hand, are simply flat beds with railings around the sides. They are not locked and are open.

When Should You Use a Moving Truck Rather Than a Moving Trailer?

  • You don't have a car capable of towing a trailer — To tow a trailer, you'll need a vehicle capable of towing a specific load. The load comprises the trailer's weight as well as the items that are within.

  • You Don't Have a Hitch — Towing a trailer also necessitates the installation of a hitch system rated to haul a certain load. These hitch systems may be expensive, greatly increasing the expense of utilizing a trailer if you don't already have one.

  • Weather That Isn't Perfect - Even if you cover your possessions with a tarp, a utility trailer will leave them exposed to the weather. When products are transported in a truck, they are entirely covered and protected from the elements, including rain, snow, hail, cold, and heat.

  • You Have a Lot of Stuff — Moving trucks have greater floor area than trailers and the ability to stack vertically, allowing you to carry more items at once.

  • Your Things Must Be Safe - If you're relocating over a longer distance or if objects must be packed one day and relocated the next, a moving truck can be locked up to keep everything safe. Things may be tied down, but they are still out in the open when you choose a utility trailer.

  • You Have Expensive Furniture, Appliances, or Other Objects That Must Be Secured — Any valuable or irreplaceable items should be transported by truck rather than trailer. The truck will have great strapping points and typically an air - ride suspension to support it.

  • You Need to Haul a Vehicle - You can't haul a vehicle if you're already pulling a trailer. The capacity to hook an additional trailer, automobile, or other object to the rear of a truck is one of its most valuable features.

For more tips, tricks and moving magic, visit your team at #friendlycitymovers

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