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Covid 19 Safety !

Here are some simple strategies and tips for maintaining health and safety during COVID.

Ensure physical distancing can be maintained

  • Limit the number of people in the space.

  • Free up more space where needed by using and repurposing all available indoor and outdoor areas at your facility.

  • Rearrange or remove furniture and fixtures to maintain separation.

  • Install shielding barriers such as plexiglass where practical.

  • Keep a distance of two metres between people.

  • Assign workers to workstations that are at least two metres apart.

  • Place floor markings to show people where to line up inside and outside.

  • Schedule tasks, shifts and breaks to reduce the number of people sharing the same spaces and how long they are there.

Use masks

  • Provide instruction and supervision to ensure all workers wear masks properly and consistently, including rules for while eating and drinking.

  • Select appropriate masks for your workers.

  • Ensure clients/patrons/public wear masks properly and consistently.

    • Consider providing or selling masks to those who don’t have one.

    • Instruct supervisors on how to enforce masking.

  • Provide service in alternative ways to customers who cannot wear a mask.

  • Ensure workers wear appropriate COVID-19covid 19 personal protective equipment (PPE) for all tasks where the worker is or may be within two metres of an improperly or unmasked person.

Increase fresh air

  • Maintain ventilation systems according to manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Adjust systems to increase the amount of fresh air and reduce recirculation.

  • Keep windows and doors open as much as possible, weather permitting.

  • Use outdoor spaces whenever possible.

Promote cleaning and disinfection

  • Schedule cleaning/disinfecting of high-touch surfaces, common areas and shared items.

  • Specify products to be used for cleaning and disinfection and train workers on their safe use and disposal.

  • Provide access to soap and water and alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  • Require everyone to clean their hands before entering the workplace.

  • Require workers to clean their hands frequently and whenever needed.

For more tips and strategies to reduce COVID contamination, please contact your local heath and safety board.

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