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HOW to move a piano, without us !

The dimensions of an upright piano are measured.

Before you do anything else, take measurements of the piano. You must be very certain of the exact dimensions of your upright piano. This will assist you in meticulously planning the entire procedure of transferring it. An upright piano has a height of 110 to 135 cm, a width of around 150 cm, and a depth of around 60 cm.

Keep in mind that these measurements fluctuate, and yours will most likely be somewhat different. The typical size, however, is 125/150/60 cm.

You will save money on moving fees if you transport your piano properly since you will not have to hire a professional to do it for you.

Continue with the relocation process.

  • Clear the way by measuring and clearing it. Measure the door frames using tape or a rope to ensure the piano will pass through. Then remove any obstacles, such as rugs, off the walkway.

  • If there are any decorations, take them down. Unlike grand pianos, upright pianos feature a form that makes them easier to handle.

  • Wrap the piano in a blanket. To begin, tape the cover over the keyboard as a precaution. This is done to keep the lid in place throughout the voyage. You may either use a plastic wrap or a large enough cloth to completely cover the remainder of the instrument. Tape the wrap in place.

  • Place the piano on a dolly and lift it. You'll need to put on your work gloves and enlist the support of pals for this. If you've ever wondered how heavy a piano is, an upright piano weighs roughly 130 kg. A grand piano, by comparison, may weigh up to 500 kg. Lifting an upright piano on the dolly requires at least three sets of muscular arms (and at least six for a grand piano).

  • Dolly straps should be used to secure the piano.

  • With the dolly, make a push.

  • For the vehicle, use a ramp. In the van, the piano should be both dragged and pushed at the same time. Use the lifting straps for this, and be careful when standing behind it; the piano's weight is heavy enough to crush you or at the very least injure you if you're not cautious.

  • Place the piano in the back of the vehicle. The piano should be positioned against the van's back wall, with lots of other items in front of it. It's possible to secure it using furniture.

Remember, safety is absolutely crucial during a piano move. If anyone is uncomfortable moving the piano, or does not have safety gloves, boots or a back belt, DO NOT try this. Injury can be extreme when handling these instruments due to their size and weight, and should not be taken lightly. (no pun intended)


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