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10 Things you SHOULD declutter when you move! Part 2

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

This is our PART 2 of the declutter series. Here are 5 more shining examples of how to limit the amount of junk, misc items and extra belongings that you DON'T NEED. Enjoy the tips and tricks and utilize them for your own pre-move prep.

6. Worn out Clothes and Accessories

Evaluate clothing and accessories for condition, fit, practicality, and wearability in your closets, as well as any dressers and seasonal containers (including how well an item goes with your current lifestyle and aesthetic).

7. Items of furniture and decor that won't fit at the new location

Larger pieces may need more resources to transport, so consider them more seriously when selecting what to preserve. We recommend replacing old, unpleasant, and ill-fitting furniture, as well as anything that might pose a safety hazard (such as damaged or recalled fixtures), with long-lasting items.

8. Paperwork and office supplies

The dreadful document stack, oh how I despise it. Stop (or at least decrease) the paper trail by discarding, recycling, or destroying anything you're unlikely to read or use in the future if it's proprietary. Organize clippings and mementos by organising them into labelled folders, and sell or donate outdated books and surplus materials to a thrift store to give them new life.

9. Electronics that are no longer in use

Likewise, now is an excellent opportunity to go through your electronics or tools drawer. Untangle the cables and find as many tiny bits as you can. Set away any necessities (a backup screwdriver or charge cord can often come in handy), and consider erasing personal gadgets. Some electronics manufacturers also provide recycling services.

10. Sportswear from the past

Finally, you should examine sports and recreational equipment objectively. When was the last time you kicked or threw a ball around? When you no longer live near the sea, will you be as inclined to utilise your jet ski or kayak? If you don't have any immediate intentions to resume previous activities, consider giving equipment to local sports teams and camps.

For more tips and tricks of decluttering and dejunking your home, visit your team at #friendlycitymovers

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30 oct. 2021

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