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The 5 BIG mistakes while moving in COVID-19

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Failure to inquire about how movers are reducing the risk of Coronavirus infection

Are you planning to employ a moving company to help you with your move? If this is the case, make careful to inquire about the company's efforts to reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection. The virus spreads mostly through person-to-person contact, according to the CDC, and can even be transferred by persons who are asymptomatic.

Masks, gloves, and all other personal protective equipment (PPE) are not worn.

When relocating during the Coronavirus pandemic, whether you hire movers or handle it yourself, remember to wear protective gear. Cloth masks, gloves, and shoe covers are examples of appropriate protective equipment to use when moving.

On moving day, forgetting to provide handwash and hand sanitizer

The single most effective approach to prevent the transmission of a viral infection is to wash and disinfect your hands. So have hand soap and a roll of paper towels at the bathroom and kitchen sinks for yourself and your moving team.

Not requesting a virtual survey

Are you looking for a moving quotation from a reputable moving company? In lieu of an in-person inspection, see whether the mover can do a virtual survey of your items. You want to avoid having people into your house as much as humanly can in this age of social distance.

Getting moving boxes and materials from friends and family

Coronavirus, unfortunately, may survive for days on surfaces, even cardboard boxes. It's safe to assume that borrowing moving boxes and materials from friends and neighbours isn't a good idea right now.

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