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5 WORST things to MOVE

There are several factors that contribute to'moving to a new house' being an unpleasant and exhausting activity. Physical or emotional causes might exist, but it is frequently the 'physical' ones that make'moving to another house' a traumatic affair. The 'difficult to transport' goods add significantly to this physical stress. However, there are some objects that you simply must move on your own.

Moving an object might be challenging depending on a person's physical height and the resources available. However, there are several items that the 'ordinary' individual may have difficulty transporting to a new home, particularly if the transfer is international.

Large-Scale Furniture

There's a reason why your massive furniture items have remained in the same spot for so long. You'll understand why if you try lifting and moving one of these large furniture pieces. The most common source of anxiety for people changing residences is relocating large furniture pieces. Beds, kitchen cabinets, closets, dining tables, sofas, and armoires are examples. Large furniture is frequently stored until a family has the resources to relocate it to their new house. Because the large things are in a secure place, there is less haste when trying to move smaller ones. It's simple to find storage units near you by searching for "Mini Storage" or "storage units" wherever you are.

Bulky Kitchen Appliances

You most certainly have large household appliances that you'll likely bring with you to your 'new' home, especially if they're in good working order. Moving large appliances, despite their standardised forms, is never straightforward. Their tremendous weight is the cause behind this. Because of their heavy nature, they've been dubbed one of the most difficult items to transport while relocating. Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, stoves, and dryers are examples of bulky domestic equipment.

Delicate and Fragile Items

While it comes to the top 5 worst things to move when moving house, the extremely breakable or delicate goods just cannot be overlooked. These very breakable or delicate things are generally found in the kitchen. Most individuals make the mistake of packing delicate objects like bowls, glass dishes, plates, cups, saucers, and glasses in a random box and expecting them not to shatter. If you want to locate these fragile goods in their original condition when you unpack them in your new house, make sure you pack them appropriately. Also, label the box containing them with the words Fragile and Handle with Care!

Objects that are sharp

Another of the top five worst items to move while moving house is sharp objects. Some of these 'sharp things' include corkscrews, knives, and forks. Sharp objects are among the 'worst' products to transport because of the danger they bring to the items they're packed alongside. They can sometimes be dangerous to those who handle them. Disarm the open blades and sharp points of these sharp devices to ensure that they stay as safe as possible. Also, don't put them in the same bag as the more fragile goods.


Finally, the piano rounds off our list of the top 5 worst objects to move while moving house. The colossal musical instrument is most likely one among the largest and heaviest items you own. Lifting and moving a piano is challenging due to its considerable weight. The ideal way to relocate the piano to your new home is to hire a professional service.

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