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The 7 POWER Tips when moving into a NEW home

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

There are several things you should not forget to do before moving into a new home, such as giving it a thorough cleaning. Here's a cleaning checklist to help you get started, as well as six other important things to accomplish before moving in.

1. Double check your location.

Once you get your keys, head over to your new apartment and inspect all of the rooms. As soon as you become the new owner, double-check that everything that was agreed upon throughout the transaction is still in place. You will want to double-check that everything you expected is still in the house.

2. Make a lock change.

There's no way of knowing how many copies of your house keys are circulating out there. Hire a locksmith and get a fresh set of keys produced to give yourself peace of mind.

3. Give your new home a thorough cleaning.

Even if your new place was cleaned before it was put on the market, you'll want to give it a thorough cleaning to bring it up to your standards. Before you moved in, you never know what happened!

4. Replace the toilet seats with new ones.

This may sound trivial, but the toilets are often the dirtiest place in the house. Rather than wasting time washing them, take them out, clean below them, and replace them with a new seat. Sitting on the fresh new chairs, knowing that your family has christened them, will give you a real sense of calm.

5. Pest control

Make certain that you and your family are the only ones who will be relocating to your new home. Hiring an exterminator to come by and inspect for unwelcome visitors, block holes for any vermin, and spray to discourage future uninvited house invaders is a good idea.

6. Replace the air filters in your home.

It's better to start with new filters because you can't be sure when they were last changed and you don't want more dust clouding up your freshly cleaned house and carpets. Make a note of the date you placed them on the filter and in your calendar so you can keep track of them and make changes as needed.

7. Always put your safety first!

Take the time to make sure your house is secure while you're doing that deep cleaning. Vacuum the dryer vent while you're in the laundry room. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors while you're cleaning the dust off the walls and ceiling fans. Find a suitable location to put a fire extinguisher when cleaning out your kitchen cupboards.

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