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ADVANTAGES, moving weekdays VS. weekends

Updated: Aug 13, 2021


The quick answer is that moving on a weekday – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday — is less expensive. Simply said, because they aren't as busy during the week, most moving firms offer lower rates. When considering whether cheaper is truly better, you may want to take a step back and examine your alternatives.

Weekday moving PROS

Lower costs: During the week, you're more likely to discover lower moving company rates. You may even discover that the money you save by getting active during the week offsets the costs of missing a day of work.

More money for other moving-related expenses: Many individuals use the money saved to hire a moving firm to help them with part of their packing. When you don't have to deal with the inconvenience of boxes, bubble wrap, and organising, moving is much less unpleasant. When you hire a professional packing service, you can be certain that your possessions will be carefully packed and labelled, enabling you to focus on other things.

Less stress: Do you have children? If you're remaining in town and relocating during the school year, a weekday move will allow you to get items relocated while they're at school. It can also assist you in avoiding inquisitive neighbours and anyone who may like to divert your attention away from the work at hand.

Utility service begins sooner: Most individuals plan utilities to begin service ahead of time when they move. However, if you arrive at your new house and discover that your gas or electricity isn't functioning, you'll find it much simpler to contact the utility provider and get the problem addressed quickly because you'll be calling during regular business hours.

Weekend moving PROS

Less likely to miss work: Moving over the weekend might be advantageous since, as previously said, it reduces your time away from the workplace. And, because almost half of all interstate transfers in the United States are connected to employment possibilities, your employer will play a big factor in determining when the optimum time is to pack up your belongings.

Less likely to miss school: Moving over a weekend ensures that your youngster does not miss key school days. If they're starting a new school as a result of the relocation, a weekend move will allow them to start at the start of a new week, which may make the adjustment easier.

Relocating: During the weekend can be more convenient than moving during the week because, depending on your route, you may not face the rush hour traffic that you would encounter during the week. This isn't always the case, though. Due to the huge number of people conducting errands or going to events on weekends, many regions encounter traffic congestion.

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