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Always check that truck before leaving !

Updated: May 15, 2021

A very quick reminder to all of our customers and fellow moving colleagues to check their moving vehicles before starting each and every day. Wether is be dealing with engine troubles, faulty lights or sensors or leaking fluid, it's always safe to check before it's too late.

Below is a quick list to help you before venturing to your move

  • Check all lights and amber lighting

  • Check your tires for correct sturdiness

  • Note any irregular fumes from the engine or exhaust

  • Check that fuel level !

  • Be sure your hydraulic ramp is lifting and closing properly, if equipped.

  • Be sure the back door is closed and can close properly.

  • Insure all latches and key slots are tight and in working order

  • Ramps should be sturdy and not 'clanking' while driving

  • And in case your'e driving to the big city, check your horn and brakes !

These quick reminders and checks can save you a world of hurt down the road, literally. We've ran into various problems with some of our trucks and won't second guess it ever again.

Be safe and drive well !


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