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Are MOVERS responsible for damage ?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Opening a container to find shattered dishes, damaged gadgets, or damage in any form may spoil your entire day, as if relocating isn't stressful enough. Who's to blame for the shambles? It's likely that your mover is to blame, but this isn't a hard-and-fast rule. It is dependent on a number of things.

Movers, at least those that are respectable, are covered by insurance. That safeguards both you and them. From the mover's perspective, it protects their firm from financial ruin in the event of a big claim. Accidents do occur. It ensures that you are compensated in the case of a loss or damage.

When anything goes wrong during a home relocation, here's how to figure out if you or your mover should pay the bill.

Here, is a perfect scenario : Home Damage

The mover is typically accountable for any damage to the home, whether it's the one you're moving to or from. Dented drywall or a scuff across the floor can be caused by heavy furniture, awkward boxes, and long days at work.

Take photographs of your home before moving day to document its condition. If the damage is visible before or after the movers arrive, there will be no doubt as to who caused it and who should pay to fix it.

Alternative Scenario : Damage to your Belongings

When movers transport your cherished things to their new home, you expect everything to be in the same condition as when it was packed. Accidents do happen, unfortunately. Inside a moving container, glasses crack, lampshades bend, and all sorts of mischief may occur.

It might come down to one issue when it comes to determining who is responsible for damage to packaged items: who packed the box. If your items were packed by movers, you should not be held liable for any damage that occurred during the relocation. However, movers may be held responsible if you packed the boxes and they simply picked them up.

Cover yourself !

Inventorying and photographing your stuff is one of the most essential things you can do to protect yourself against loss. Between the point of origin and the point of destination, a carton may vanish. Accidents do happen, after all. And every now and again, a prized object is damaged.

An inventory and pictures are the only method to confirm the existence of a container and the condition of your contents. Fortunately, there are a number of moving applications on the market that make it simple, including one that combines itemization and picture capability. Otherwise, a spreadsheet with digital images or a basic ledger with photographs will suffice.

Going the distance

Before making a claim, be sure. to speak with the movers in questions. Gather information on the items before filing a complaint or reimbursement claim.

- Was in damaged previously?

- Did the drop it, scrape it, hit it off a wall?

- Do you have an example that can be compared?

- What was the scenario?

- Was the packaging around it damaged on the trip?

- Were they using pads and blankets, or wrap?

Always remember, speaking to the movers first and foremost will hasten the results of your claim. It's always smart to have pictures of your items before and after the move, so there is proof. Also, they should have a number, address and claims department for the items and / or property in question.

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