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AVOID putting these items in the MOVING truck!

You might need to employ professional movers for a myriad of reasons. You may be relocating for work, to be nearer to family, or to downsize after retirement. Whatever your reason, you probably need to pack up a lot of things and relocate them to your new home. But did you know that some things won't be moved by your moving company?

You probably have a fairly decent notion of what you'll be bringing with you to your new house while you're getting ready to move. You are the only one who truly knows what you possess and what you cannot live without. Your movers won't transport some items though. For a detailed list of non-transportable items, ask your moving firm.

1. Hazardous or flammable substances

Professional moving firms seek to prevent any possibility of fire since flammable and hazardous products provide a considerable fire threat. Additionally, there are stringent rules governing the transportation of these items, which the majority of moving firms find to be too troublesome.

You must prepare to move any of these goods yourself if you have to relocate them. Sorry!

  • cans of aerosol

  • Bleach\sFireworks

  • Kerosene or gasoline matches

  • remover of nail polish

  • Paint The Thinner

  • Pesticides

  • Tanks for propane

  • Weedkiller

2. Frozen foods

Typically, professional movers won't transport perishable foods like dairy, fruit, meat, etc. This is because it has to do with food safety. To keep them from going bad and perhaps getting people ill, certain goods must be stored at a specified temperature. Food that is not transported at the proper temperature runs the risk of becoming bad.

Furthermore, food may draw bugs. Food that is left out in the open may draw insects or other animals that might enter the moving truck and contaminate the remaining possessions. If you can't carry the food yourself, it's far simpler (and less messy) to just leave it behind and buy new when you reach to your new house.

3. Plants in pots

Regulations on what kinds of plants can cross state boundaries when it comes to transferring plants differ from different regions. You must prepare to move your plants yourself after making sure they are permitted for travel. Also keep in mind that plants can be challenging to transport because they require light and water at all times, so you might want to think about donating them before your move.

4. Wine and alcohol

That case of wine or bottle of whiskey you've been saving for a special occasion won't be moved by your moving company. This is understandable given the severe hazards associated with moving alcohol. Sometimes regions around Canada have different laws and regulations, as well as the alcohol being potentially flammable and dangerous.

To sum it up

The majority of movers in the industry have extremely rigid rules about what they may and cannot transport. Some things are just impossible for them to move. These things can be hazardous, perishable, or just against the law to carry. You must carefully assess what your movers can and cannot move before organizing your relocation.

At Friendly City Movers, we are a full-service moving company that can assist you with all aspects of your relocation, including packing, transporting, and storage. We have the knowledge and skills to make your transfer simple. For a free estimate and a list of everything we can help you relocate, get in touch with us immediately.

For more tips, tricks and moving magic, visit your team at #friendlycitymovers

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