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Choosing the RIGHT packing materials.

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Within packing and moving there are a wide variety of materials that amateurs and seasoned professionals use. These can vary slightly in quality and price, but each has their own special purpose during the job. Below we will list all the materials and their respective use.

Bubble wrap works well as an effective insulator. Bubble wrap excels at its primary purpose: keeping products clean and stable during transportation.

Bubble wrap can be reused.

Bubble wrap is a very thin material.

Bubble wrap is a low-cost option.

What kinds of things do you cover in Packing Paper at home?

Newsprint paper is suitable for small to medium-sized delicate objects. The following are some examples of objects that are usually bundled in newsprint paper while moving:


Glassware and Bowls

Collectibles and valuables

Vases are used to hold flowers.

Small appliances and electronics

Plastic wrap, this is also known as shrink wrap or stretch wrap, is an essential tool for any do-it-yourself move. Stretch wrap can help with anything from shielding your furniture to covering loose wires and doors during your move.

The closet box is specifically designed to carry hanging clothes securely during the moving process. When you're about to load a wardrobe package, simply transfer your clothes from your closet and hang them on the metal hanging bar on the box.

Often use a packaging tape labelled for moving or storage to hold your boxes packed secure through your whole move. Using a heavy-duty packing tape for extra-heavy boxes or for storing boxes for long periods of time. Strong-adhesive tape can withstand the test of time.

Furniture padding, also known as moving blankets, is a dense covering that is used to shield large objects during transportation. Professional movers usually surround and cover frail or fragile pieces of furniture with furniture padding to protect them from harm when being moved in and out of a home.

Moving straps are effective moving instruments that help you move faster. They also reduce the amount of wear and tear on your body. The belts, also known as furniture lifting straps, rely on your body's strength and basic physics (leverage) to help you lift even heavy furniture with ease.


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