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Day in the life of a MOVER - Their Stories - .

Almost all jobs are stressful. You will experience stress whether you love it, hate it, or learn to handle it. Work that requires physical labour and work that requires mental labour can even be separated into two categories. Which one is more challenging? It all relies on who you are and what you're capable of. However, physical effort becomes more challenging when we realize that it is not mindless. Since I have tried both physical and mental effort, I must be objective in this case.

The usual daily routine

When it comes to the moving industry, there is no such thing as a standard workday. For instance, one day it may be pianos. They move very effortlessly. You only need leverage, tipping, and dollies; if something goes wrong, just flee the scene. With enormous old closets, the second move for that day could take you off guard (as it did for me). Imagine moving them four floors down in a building's narrow hallways with limited room to manoeuvre. My toe's nail was just clipped off by one of those closets, which also grazed my foot. You must go on with your day and move; there is no time to grieve.


One of those days when all your energy is gone, yet you still have to move on. Physical labour, as you are aware, is immensely rewarding. When the day is over, you feel successful. But eventually your brain just shuts down, the backup power comes on, and you go into some sort of autopilot. My shift was coming to a conclusion, and this was our final move. The flat was located on the sixth level of a ten-story structure. Although there was just one elevator, it was too small to fit most of the furnishings. Many essential items, including freezers, mattresses, couches, cabinets, lights, and one-drawer tables, had to be transported. To prevent damage, we carried the table last.

The old drawer table was the first thing we had to unload. I was unaware that a young person had smashed Justin Bieber's poster on one of the cabinets where it was displayed. No one had seen that nail while loading. I began to remove the old drawers from the table, at which point I heard a loud screaming sound. Yes, it was the sound of a brand-new nail driving its claws deep into an antique table with lovely drawers that had been preserved by successive owners. This was of no great concern because the business I worked for was insured. You become close to quitting the cause when things like this happens. It is very stressful.

The Decision

Someone's memories were harmed by my carelessness. I lost track of the fact that I was affecting someone's days, months, or years somewhere along the road. I felt someone else's concern for or love for their family or friends. The physical aspect of the job was challenging but not overly so. Moving companies take great pleasure in their work, and the pay is good. They invest a lot of effort in planning and maintaining the condition of their van or vehicle. The ability to load is comparable to mastering the hardest level of Tetris. You must use extreme caution. Everything that occurs to home items while loading and unloading is the driver's responsibility. The crew functions as a family.

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