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Eco - Friendly supplies for MOVING

So, let's talk about how we can be more green and eco-friendly, together.

Packing peanuts and bubble wrap nearly invariably end up in the garbage after a relocation. This is a shame – and a waste – for the environmentally conscientious movers. Fortunately, there are several simple and creative methods to prepare for a move using items you may already have on hand. Give these eco-friendly packaging options a try before you go for the bubble wrap.

Begin by using reusable moving boxes.

Reusable moving boxes are now available for rent from several eco-friendly moving companies. They will deliver them to your house before to the relocation and then remove them after you have finished unpacking so they may be reused. This eliminates the hassle of disposing of a large number of boxes while simultaneously providing a more lasting (and ecologically friendly) solution.

Towels, blankets, and linens

To begin, gather items such as towels, sheets, and blankets. Blankets are ideal for cushioning large objects like lamps (though consider purchasing a moving-specific blanket for huge items like sofas), towels fold up well around photo frames and small decorations, and any of these items may help fill empty boxes. Just be wary of the cookware you choose, since it may wind up smelling like food.

Paper products

Save your corrugated cardboard and other paper goods for use as eco-friendly packing material in the months leading up to your relocation. Crumpled newspaper or office paper makes a terrific cushion, and ripping and folding your cardboard may make great space-holders in not-full boxes.

Upcycled materials can be crowdsourced.

A short search on Kijiji, Facebook, Marketplace or other local platforms in your neighbourhood can turn up someone willing to get rid of their lightly used packing supplies. What better approach to get environmentally friendly moving materials than to keep some rubbish out of the landfill? Some moving businesses also have a section where customers may leave items for the next person, so go through all of your options in the area to see if there's anything you can reuse.

If you have to buy something, make it a green purchase.

For items like dish sets or fragile antiques, you may only need to purchase packaging materials. In this instance, you can use recyclable paper packaging such as corrugated "bubble" wrap or biodegradable corn packing peanuts. These may usually be found at your local shipping store, or you can get them online from an environmentally friendly firm like EcoEnclose. You may also buy a roll of recycled kraft paper from your local store, crumple it up as a space filler, and then recycle it.

In a nutshell..

These are just some if the various ways we can help the planet recover from disastrous techniques used in the past. Yes it may be trickier and possibly more expensive to accumulate these supplies but, in the end these habits will be the ones which help our planet moving forward.

For more tips and tricks, please visit your team at #friendlycitymovers

For more tips and tricks, please contact your team at #friendlycitymovers

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