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Here's what your Movers won't MOVE (Typically)! Part 1

Do you believe your movers will transport everything and everything? Reconsider your position. If you want to engage a professional moving company to perform the task, you should be aware that some objects are prohibited from being transported on the truck by even the best moving firms. While some are self-evident (hello, loaded firearms and propane tanks), others may surprise you. Here are 6 objects that your movers will not transport.

1. Is food on its way?

The greatest suggestion we can give you is to open the fridge and start eating those leftovers right now! Moving companies will not be able to keep perishable food products cold throughout a transfer.

You're better off discarding products like milk, butter, yoghurts, ice cream, and fresh vegetables before moving day unless you intend on loading everything into a huge cooler and driving it to your new house.

2. Scuba equipment

You'll almost definitely be unable to get all of your diving gear into your moving company's truck, so you'll need to devise a plan to transport everything to your new location.

Scuba tanks are filled with highly compressed oxygen and can also hold other gas combinations. Unfortunately, because pressurised air can burst, diving tanks can pose a threat to others close if not properly maintained or managed.

3. Family heirlooms

Whether it’s monetarily expensive or sentimentally valuable, you’ll want to make sure to pack and bring all family heirlooms with you, personally, when you move to a new home. That’s because some moving companies have policies regarding valuables and sentimental items.

4. High-value items

In addition to family heirlooms, many moving companies will not move high-value items such as money, checkbooks, expensive jewelry and collectible art. Depending on how much you spent on your electronics, the company may not move those either..

Also, that valuable baseball card collection? Forget it. That’s because if you decide to purchase full-value protection, your mover will be on the hook for the actual cash value of any non-repairable or lost items.

5 - Your exotic plant life

Are you moving interprovincially or internationally and want to bring your plants with you? Be warned that certain plants may not be permitted to be transported to your new province or country by the movers.

6. Nail polish remover and polish

Consider putting all of your nail paint in a box. Reconsider your position. Your nail polish remover and Ruby Red polish will not be moved by movers. This is due to the fact that both compounds may be exceedingly combustible in certain circumstances (such as exposure to an open flame or even heat). 

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