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How do I know if a mover is credible ?

Updated: May 29, 2021

Non associated movers, rogue movers, fly-by-night movers, are shady businesses who pretend to have moving services but are only interested in preying on individuals and families. Someone impersonating a moving business agent also requests payment in advance, and keeps their belongings hostage by saying extra payments are owed.

Rogue movers have been known to pull out with everything in their trucks in the worst-case scenario. Here are few easy ways to stay away from moving scams.

1 - Consider it a red flag and a likely moving scam if you can't find any mention of a potential moving company online. It's also a warning flag if salespeople who come to your house don't have badges or aren't wearing uniforms. On the day of your move, the same law applies. If they can say otherwise, a truck with no signs or moving business names is extremely suspect.

2 - Get an estimate from the mover. This will be your first impression of the company. Who's coming to your home? Do they have logos, cards, badges etc.? Did they arrive on time? Are they properly writing down information regarding your move? This will be your interview to know wether this company has credibility or not.

3 - Do some homework on the company beforehand. Are they a part of any clubs, associations or programs? What do their reviews look like online, if they have online? Ask the company if their employees are legal workers and are bonded. These questions will bring some light onto the company and expose them to you.

Reputable movers will never press you for payment up front in the past. However, times are changing in order to satisfy the demands of today's customer. Moving companies also require a deposit before processing all of your belongings in order to secure move dates for clients, particularly while moving within the same area.


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