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How do I MOVE furniture by myself ? Part 1

There are times in life where you have a call to action. Unfortunately, this call is to move furniture around. We know, it sucks. Whether you can't find a mover, are on a budget or just want to rearrange some stuff at home, here are some simple yet effective tips on how to do it yourself, properly.

When it comes to moving heavy furniture by yourself, you may find it difficult to figure out how to complete the laborious process on your own. Furthermore, lugging big furniture and boxes is taxing on your back and joints. When attempting to move your furniture yourself, you may end up causing harm to it.

However, DIYing is the most cost-effective approach to save money on moving your belongings during a home renovation or while relocating to a new home or apartment. You don't want moving big goods within or out of your home/office/apartment/garage to be more labor-intensive than it needs to be.

Always take measurements first.

Measure the halls and doors you'll be passing through when moving the furniture before you start lifting. Attempting to shove an object through a narrow corridor or doorway may cause harm to the item. It may even cause you to drop that object, putting yourself or a moving companion in danger.

Make the route clear.

Before moving the goods, make sure the route is clear. This will help you to view the way clearly while also avoiding any potential tripping risks.

Also, to keep the floor from scuffing or being damaged, put down a liner. A roll-out plastic liner or moving blankets can be used. To avoid accidents, always wear closed-toed non-slip shoes.

Remove any loose or inside-the-furniture objects.

Remove any loose things that might fall during the lifting process, such as pillows, wall frames, and so on. Keep these items in a secure location so they can be quickly reassembled if the furniture is relocated.

To lighten the load, remember to clear dresser drawers and remove books from shelves. Removing stuff off furniture lightens it up a little.

Dismantle big objects

If you have a piece of furniture that can be disassembled into smaller parts, do so first before transferring it. Place the screws, bolts, and nuts in a plastic bag to make reassembling the furniture easier.

In a 'L' form, turn and move the chairs.

Despite its name, an ordinary-looking chair may not be as easy to move as it appears. To make moving bigger chairs simpler, do like professional movers do and hook them around corners. Simply flip the chair on its side to form an L-shape and push it through the doorway backwards. To allow the chair to pass through the doorway, curl (hook) it around it.

Use a high-low approach to transport tall furniture.

It might be difficult to move a tall shelf unit or cabinet. Consider enlisting your partner's assistance to avoid damaging your back. Tip them backwards at an angle and have one person carry the top and the other the bottom.

Make use of shoulder dollies.

The lifting and moving straps allow lifting and moving big furniture items simpler without injuring your back. They put your body in a position where it has to rely on its vast muscle groups. Furthermore, they free up your hands, allowing you to move larger goods. However, because they redistribute the weight downwards for the mover, they might be troublesome while utilising the stairs.

Instead of dragging, slide.

You can buy furniture sliders in different shapes and sizes. You may also construct your own sliders from of old carpets, bedspreads, plastic container covers, towels, and other similar materials. When carrying heavy furniture, you can use them to avoid scratching the floors.

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