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How do I MOVE furniture by myself ? Part 2

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Please enjoy our Part 2 of our Moving Ourselves series.

On the further end, place sofas.

It is impossible to transport a couch horizontally via a door or hallway. Placing the sofa on its end in the hallway and sliding it through the doorway is the easiest method to transfer it. If the furniture is taller than the opening, make sure there is enough space at the top to allow for a few inches of clearance.

Cover furniture with a blanket and plastic wrap.

Use blankets to protect your home and furniture from the elements. You can either buy them for a few dollars online or rent them from a local business for a few bucks. Wrap them fully in moving blankets to protect the fragile edges and finish.

Make a sling for your mattress.

It's difficult to move a hefty, floppy mattress. Despite the fact that most of them have a handle, they are not designed to be carried. They are only used to position the mattress, thus they aren't particularly sturdy. You may add a simple rope thread to make the mattress simpler to carry, giving you more flexibility and control. Thread the rope through the handles and tie it to a PVC pipe for a more secure grasp.

Enlist the assistance of a buddy.

If you think you won't be able to move the furniture by yourself, don't be afraid to enlist the help of a buddy. If no one you know is accessible, professional movers may be an option.

Invest in the correct tools.

Investing in the proper tools makes your job two times easier. When transporting large or heavy furniture, you'll require the following tools.

1. Straps that move

When lifting big goods, moving straps provide you extra leverage. When carrying huge furniture pieces, they help lessen the pressure on the legs and back.

2. Wrap in plastic

Plastic wrap may be used to secure your furniture blankets, as well as to secure obnoxious doors, drawers, cords, and other items, as well as to preserve the fabric of your furniture from staining or becoming dirty. Your furniture will not be damaged or left with a residue if you use a clear stretch wrap.

3. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is a transparent plastic material that’s used for packing fragile items. It contains properly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) to provide cushioning to fragile items while moving or in transportation.

4. A blanket for moving and packing

During a relocation or storage, a moving and packing blanket may assist cover your furniture and appliances to protect them from harm.

5. Sliders for furniture

Furniture sliders of exceptional quality provide long-term performance for all of your furniture movement and floor protection needs. They allow you to quickly move heavy furniture across your home's carpeted area.

6. A furniture lifter that can handle a lot of weight.

A heavy-duty furniture lifter can be used to transfer furniture and appliances from one room to another for cleaning or rearranging.

7. Dolly for moving furniture that can be adjusted

An adjustable furniture dolly is a wheeled platform that allows you to carry large, heavy items while manoeuvring it.

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