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HOW do I protect my mattress during a move ?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

I've protected and moved hundreds of mattresses in my lifetime, and I can tell you there are definitely some strategies to getting the job done efficiently.

The easiest and most efficient approach to safeguard your mattress during a relocation is to use this method. The technique necessitates the use of a mattress bag, which is a cheap but important equipment.

You'll require the following items:

Moving Tape Tape Gun, Mattress Bag, Correct Size (optional but makes it easier)

Use just moving tape. Many other types of tape will not adhere to the bag properly. Make sure the adhesive you're using is strong enough to hold the bag in place... Duct tape is useless, believe me. The greatest moving tape is clear.

Here's How To Protect Your Mattress For A Move, Step By Step.

  • Place the bed against a wall, vertically.

  • Pull your mattress bag over the top of the bed and down the bed, starting at the top and working your way down.

  • Remove the bed from the wall and turn it over.The mattress should be pushed all the way to the rear of the bag.

  • Pinch the surplus bag material on one side and fold it over the mattress's side, taping it in place using a tape gun.

  • Tape the package shut like a present and seal the opening with more tape. To make sure the mattress is completely closed, use tape all the way around it.

Some movers / packers like to wrap the entire mattress in stretch / shrink wrap. We think a mattress bag is probably the best way. It's easier, doesn't open up and is less mess afterwards as well.

Is a Mattress Bag Really Necessary?

Yes, a mattress bag should be used while transporting your mattress to a new place. Other materials, like as painters plastic, may be used, but they aren't as efficient as a mattress bag. There's no need for any protection if you're merely travelling from room to room. Mattress bags, on the other hand, are required if you are hiring a moving company or a rented vehicle.

Mattress bags protect your mattresses from becoming filthy during the relocation because these vehicles are often unclean.

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