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How to be ready for your MOVERS

A lot of planning goes into moving. It's easy to forget about the movers themselves when packing your belongings and organizing your move. However, on moving day, your moving company will be ready to start the show. Make sure you've prepared for the movers ahead of time to get your relocation off to a good start. Don't forget to bring cash for tips and kennels for your dogs till the last minute. We've provided seven simple strategies for you to prepare for your movers before they come on moving day.

1. Pack your belongings properly.

If your move does not include packing services, you will be responsible for adequately packing the majority of your possessions before the movers arrive. Before you begin packing, double-check that you have the appropriate boxes and supplies. For your rooms, you'll need separators, foam pouches, and bubble wrap for fragile stuff, as well as many robust, corrugated boxes of all sizes.

A few telescopic boxes for artwork, mirrors, and TVs; plastic bins for apparel and gadgets; and bankers boxes for office papers and supplies should also be included. The better you pack, the less likely it is that your movers will break something.

2. Tell the movers where they should park.

Parking is a basic yet crucial aspect that is sometimes ignored throughout the relocation process. However, believe me when I tell that it will be on your movers' thoughts on moving day. On the big day, the driver will most likely phone you to let you know they are on their way and to inquire where you want to park.

You'll need to make sure the movers have a place to park their enormous truck if you haven't previously worked it out with a contact at the moving firm. If you're not parking in your own driveway, you'll need to get a street parking pass or special authorization to park in a shared driveway.

3. Prepare and safeguard your home

It is your responsibility to adequately prepare and safeguard both your old and new house before the movers come. If it rains, snows, ices, or sleets, you'll need to protect your home against water damage. I recommend laying huge blankets or tarps at the entrances, on the doorsteps, foyer, and hallway to minimise tracking mud through the door.

To minimise damage, I recommend covering hardwood floors with blankets or a tarp regardless of the weather. Finally, you don't want your mover to break a leg on moving day — ouch! If the weather makes your doorsteps or sidewalks slick, I recommend applying salt in ice or snowy circumstances.

4. Double-check that your furniture fits through the door.

A professional moving company will almost certainly be able to move your furniture from your old house to your new one without difficulty. If your entrances are very narrow or your furniture is unusually hefty and huge, your movers may want advance notice.

This allows them to plan ahead of time and provide the appropriate resources for your relocation. Make sure your sofas, pianos, and other large things will fit through your entrance or window by measuring them.

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