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How to manage STRESS on your move day!

We all know how crazy moving day is. Screaming children, hundreds of boxes, lawyers, banks, brokers and movers all spiralling around your mind. We won't even get into controlling your children and pets, either. Here are some key pointers how to control not only the move day, but everything included. (Stress free!)

1. Make sure your timetable is clear.

If you're moving, it should be your only commitment that day. It's better not to make lunch plans or promise a buddy that you'll stop by for a cup of tea on moving day because it always takes longer than you expect.

2. Get a head start on packing as soon as feasible.

Despite the fact that you will have a'moving day,' the process of moving might begin weeks in advance. As soon as possible, pack anything you won't need. Bed linens, towels, kitchen appliances, filed documents, and sports equipment are all examples of this. Any item that isn't used on a daily basis can be packed ahead of time.

3. Put a stop to your nostalgia.

While it may be tempting to look through your photo albums before packing them, this is the worst form of packing procrastination – and it can eat up valuable moving day time. Just keep in mind that your goal is to get your items packed, and flipping through your high school yearbook isn't going to help you achieve that goal.

4. As you pack, de-clutter.

The unpacking procedure will be a nightmare if you simply load everything you own into boxes to carry to your new house. To avoid having to unload boxes of rubbish at the other end, make sure you get rid of anything broken, worthless, or worn out as you pack.

5. Have all of your belongings packed before the movers arrive.

Whether you're hiring professional movers or relying on a friend with a ute, make sure all of your possessions are properly packed and ready to be put onto a truck or into a car. If you leave the professionals waiting, it could cost you more money, and if one of your ute-owning friends has to hang around and wait for you to delicately wrap your dinnerware, it will definitely stretch a friendship.

6. Sort through all of your relationships at once

It's easy to get caught up in planning your relocation from the old place that you forget about what you'll need in the new one.

7. Make sure you have all of your moving supplies on hand.

Make that you have enough of boxes, tape, scissors, and markers on hand. It doesn't matter if you buy too many boxes because certain packing supply stores would gladly buy them back. You'll have to halt what you're doing if you run out of boxes or tape, which is a tremendous waste of time on an already hectic day.

8. Pack your essentials in a suitcase.

On moving day, make sure you have a bag packed with a change of clothes, pyjamas, and toiletries. You'll thank yourself when you arrive at your new home and don't have to rummage through boxes in the middle of the night looking for your toothbrush.

These are just some simple follow through steps for your moving day. Stress can build up and often times take over, quickly, It's important to listen to the guide and stick to your guns, without getting overwhelmed. Find a support person for your big day, they will help take down stress levels and smooth over the rough periods.

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