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HOW to move a safe... SAFELY!

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Here are some SUPER tips to help you move a heavy safe. Regardless the size, shape or dimensions, they require caution every time.

  • The dolly should be placed exactly close to the safe. You can have your helpers stand on the other side of the safe to gently lean it. You'll be able to slip the dolly underneath the safe this way.

  • After you have placed the safe beneath the dolly's base shelf, you may secure it with straps to keep it from sliding.

  • To avoid any injury, keep your back straight before moving the dolly. You should keep a firm grip on the handle to prevent it from slipping off.

  • To carry the weight of the safe, gather your weight against the dolly and carefully draw down the dolly's handle.

  • When travelling around a tight corner, you could have a difficulty. You should securely guide the dolly around the corner to make this turn straightforward. When crossing the corner, take an L-shaped stance to make a wider and easier turn.

  • The dolly can turn the weight more easily without striking the wall because of the angle.

  • Then you may push the dolly to your desired location.

Renting a motor loading ramp is suggested if you want to load the safe into a car. Using this method, you may load the safe onto a motor ramp, which allows the device to be mounted to the vehicle.

To load a huge safe onto a truck using a normal ramp, draw the holly upward as the workers push the safe. When pushing the safe upward, remember not to rush or use too much force, as this might result in harm. When pressing the safe, maintain adequate momentum.

For more TIPS & TRICKS, contact your team #friendlycitymovers

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