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How to move LONG distance with plants

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Moving is stressful enough on its own, but when you bring in actual live things like dogs and plants, it becomes much more so. You may already be considering how to keep your dogs happy when travelling to a new house, but have you considered the well-being of your botanical companions as well?

Here are some helpful tips for ensuring that your plants survive the lengthy journey to their new home while being happy and healthy.

Make sure your plants are ready. Remove any dead leaves and branches from your plants a few weeks before the transfer and give them a good pruning. Remove dust, bugs, and the weeds a week before your move.

Repot in a plastic container. To make moving plants easier on your back, take them out of their heavy pots and planters a few weeks before your move and rehome them in lightweight plastic pots.

Keep an eye on the temperature. Transport plants in a temperature-controlled area, such as your automobile, if at all feasible. Bring your plants inside if you're staying at a motel for the night (this is especially true if it's a very hot or cold time of year).

Make sure they have enough water. Plants do not like the mix of cold and wet or hot and dry. It's difficult to keep plants comfortable even in an air-conditioned vehicle. If you're relocating in the summer, make sure to water your plants well on moving day and during your travel. If you're travelling in the winter, make sure the soil is dry by watering it one final time a few days before you leave.

Send them on their way. Although it poses a danger to their health, you can send plants ahead of time through the mail. Remove the plants from their pots, cut the roots, and wrap the root ball in a damp cloth before covering it with plastic. Wrap the entire plant with newspaper and bubble wrap and place it in a sturdy new box.

And if you're unable to relocate your indoor plants...

Maintain a cutting. Keep a cutting and attempt to re-grow your favourite botanicals at your new house if your plants are entrenched in the yard or are too large to transport.

Give them to someone else. Even though your plants are portable, if you think they won't survive the transfer, make plans to give out healthy and happy plants to friends and neighbours before you go.

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