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How to MOVE your plants !

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

There are few things I've been more apprehensive about transporting than an orchid plant from Chicago to Miami. This orchid, the first I'd managed to keep alive for more than a few weeks, would have to sit in the back of my car, heaped among boxes, and somehow survive the 24 - hour journey. I had no idea how to maintain a plant flowering in the first place, let alone how to move plants in a car, at this time. (For the record, the orchid made it through the voyage... but died within a month of arriving at my Miami apartment.)

Plants cannot be transported in a car without a plan. Because, unlike stray lamp shades and unused packing items, throwing them in the back seat at the last minute won't suffice.

Begin by making a list of all of the plants you'll be bringing with you. Depending on the sort of vehicle you use to transport your belongings, you may be limited in what you may bring with you. It's also possible that some of your plants, particularly tall indoor plants and certain outdoor plants, won't be able to make the journey. After you've determined exactly what plants you can carry with you, you can focus on the logistics of transferring them.

Are you relocating to another Province? Examine the legislation.

If you're relocating across provincial lines, you may be limited in what plants you can bring with you, especially if you're moving to a place with local plant prohibitions or pest management initiatives. Make sure you check all the guidelines involved with moving across the province.

Find a new home for the plants you won't be able to bring with you.

It's unfortunate that you have to leave plants behind, but that doesn't mean you have to let them wither and die. See if any of your friends or family members would be willing to take in the healthy and happy plants that won't be able to make the trip. You may also see whether nearby retirement or nursing homes, hospitals, or community gardens are interested by calling them.

Prepare your plants for the relocation.

The healthier your plants are before you transfer them, the better off they'll be during the move. In the days coming up to your relocation, give them plenty of water, feed them if necessary, and cut away any dead leaves and branches. This will guarantee that they have the maximum amount of energy and that it is directed to the appropriate locations.

Gather your materials.

Because you don't want soil to pour all over your car, the easiest way to carry plants in a car is in boxes. Plants of the same size can be packaged together, but medium and bigger plants should be boxed separately. You'll just need the plant's base to fit in the box; they won't be sealed in.

When you arrive at your new house, there are a few things to keep in mind.

When you get at your location, take your plants out of the car immediately away. And, despite the fact that you already have a big to-do list, get your outdoor plants re-planted as soon as possible. If you're not sure where you want them, build a temporary trench outside to keep them while you sort it out (though again: the sooner you can get them permanently situated, the better).

Before placing your plants in the trench, get it nice and wet—think mud, not dirt—and then place them in. Fill the trench halfway with dirt, water once again, then fill it all the way to the top with soil and water once more.

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