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How to pack a truck like a PRO when MOVING

When it comes to loading a moving truck, a little planning goes a long way. Moving day is stressful, so perform a walk-through of your home a day or two before the big day and write down the order in which objects should be loaded. Make a list and arrange boxes of the same size together. Moving day will go much more smoothly and quickly as a result of this.

Select a Moving Truck That Is Right for You

Make sure you locate a vehicle that meets your demands, is the proper size, and can accommodate all of your stuff without requiring you to repack the truck.The purpose of your relocation is to be as efficient as possible, so think about the amount of truck you'll need for your belongings. On moving truck websites, dimensions should be given for comparison.

Largest and heaviest items should be moved first.

Major appliances and anything else that requires more than two persons to move should be loaded first and stored against the far wall closest to the cab. Keep the articles upright and ensure that the truck is balanced by placing heavy stuff on opposing sides.

To preserve wood surfaces and corners, use furniture cushioning. Padding may be hired from the truck rental agent for a little fee; it's well worth the money. Also, if you have blankets, cardboard or sliders, you can use it to push the furniture around the truck, easily.

Get the Big, Long items in.

Longer items should be loaded first. Box springs, mattresses, long mirrors, headboards, and sofas are among the longer items. Place these objects against the truck's longest walls to keep them upright while saving room. To protect your bed and couch from stains and damage, make sure you use mattress coverings.

Take apart the furniture

Dismantle bed frames, tables, and desks and reassemble using tape. Longer goods, such as skis and poles, light bases, and lamp components, should be treated the same way. Place these materials inside your rugs as you wrap them up, then tape the rug tight around the rug as well as both ends. You may also pack both ends of the rug roll with linens before tape them shut.

Load the remaining boxes in order of largest to smallest.

Then begin packing the heaviest and biggest boxes. Fill any gaps beneath tables, under desks, and on chair seats with the boxes, which should be placed on top of the appliances and furniture. Make sure there are no delicate goods in the heavy boxes.

Lighter boxes should be transferred to the truck and stacked on top of larger boxes, with the lightest boxes on top. Stack the boxes in rows until they reach the truck's top. Fill any space between the tops of the boxes and the roof of the truck with soft, crushable materials like garbage bags full of clothing, bedding, and linens.

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