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HOW to PACK a wardrobe box for your MOVE

How to Pack a Wardrobe Box - Packing Tips

It's usually a good idea to put all of your belongings into sturdy cardboard boxes before moving. There are several box sizes to pick from, each of which is ideal for specific item kinds. The challenge is to know which box to use for which products and how to pack your possessions into these cartons appropriately so that nothing is destroyed.

Let's look at how to pack a clothes box today. Most movers will carry the wardrobe box, which is the largest common sized box. Although other movers offer a little smaller box that works just as well, most clothing boxes measure 24" x 21" x 49" and come with a 24" metal hanging bar.


The wardrobe box is specifically intended to transport hanging garments safely throughout the moving process. When you're ready to pack a wardrobe box, just pull your clothing from your closet and hang them on the metal hanging bar on the box. Because you can hang your clothing in the boxes, they pack up swiftly and your garments don't wrinkle throughout the transfer.

It's simple to transfer the hanging garments back into your new closet once you've moved. Small, light objects, such as pillows or blankets, can be put on the wardrobe carton's floor.

Wardrobe boxes can be used to transport huge, oddly shaped things that still require the support of a carton for the transfer, in addition to hanging garments. Artificial plants, garage equipment like shovels and rakes, and wrapping paper rolls are all examples of objects that can be placed in these boxes.

The carton is rather pricey due to the size of the wardrobe box. If you want to save money, take your hanging clothing out of the closet, fold them, and store them into a medium-sized box.


Assembling the package is a little difficult due to its size. Begin by turning the box inside out and taping the bottom shut. After that, stand the box up. To make it easy to add your hanging clothing, one side of the wardrobe box is intended to lift out and fold down. Next, take down this wall. Insert the metal hanging bar after that.

On two sides of the box, there will be little grooves where the bar may rest. The box is now ready to be packed once the bar has been installed. The wardrobe box, unlike all other moving boxes, does not require any packing paper. The walls' thickness will keep everything within safe. Simply fold up all of the tabs and tape the box shut at the top once it's full.

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