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How to PACK and MOVE your fragile china

Packing china is one of those moving-related hassles that you don't think about until you have to do it. You know how stressful this procedure can be if you've ever helped Mom clean up after a holiday dinner, worried you'll shatter one of Mom's exquisite teacups or family heritage plates.

Now it's your priceless dishes and plates, maybe even Mom's family antiques. They're not simply being cleaned off with a lint-free towel before being put back in the cabinet; they're being transported across town or across the nation. Don't take chances, even if you believe you know how to pack china for relocation. Follow these packing suggestions to ensure that your china is preserved for future generations.

Packing Supplies to use :

Packing peanuts or an ecologically friendly alternative, such as biodegradable packing peanuts or environmentally friendly cushion foam. Don't take risks with eco-friendly choices that haven't been verified!

  • Between the plates, use bubble wrap, newspapers, or similar soft cushioning.

  • A dishpack barrel is a tiny box or cartons that store little more than 10 pounds. It's even nicer if you still have the original box your china arrived in.

  • Tape for packing.

  • A magic marker or a sharpie.

How to Store China Bowls and Plates:

  • To begin, stuff the box with packing peanuts or several layers of cushioning packing foam at the bottom. This is a crucial step, so don't skip it!

  • When packing china, your initial reaction may be to lay the plates flat, similar to how you store them in your cabinet. Don’t! Plates are more durable when they are standing upright. Set a couple layers of newspaper or bubble wrap in front of the first plate, then place the second plate on top of it. Continue packing the box until it is completely full.

  • Crumbled newspaper, folded cardboard, or packing peanuts can be used to fill up any gaps around the plates. It's critical that the plates are securely in place, with no opportunity for movement.

  • Apply packing tape to the centre and side edges of the box to seal it.

  • Don't take any risks. "Fragile" should be written on every side of the box, and "this side up" should be written on the top.

China Cups & Serving Dishes: How to Pack

  • It's advisable to wrap each individual piece of china cups, bowls, and serving dishes with lids in bubble wrap while packaging them. Ensure that you have enough bubble wrap to completely cover the object. Don't cut corners!

  • Glasses and teacups, unlike plates, should be placed on their bottoms and stood upright as if you were serving from them. Make sure the bottom of the box is lined with packing peanuts or cushioning foam first.

  • To avoid banging, use durable cardboard separators between individual glasses and bigger things. Wrap each component separately and then together when wrapping objects with a lid.

  • After placing a layer of cups, top with a layer of sturdy cardboard and additional packing peanuts or cushioning foam. Continue until the box is full.

  • As with packing china plates, fill any remaining space with crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts. China cups, bowls, and serving dishes may not fit as neatly as plates inside a box; make sure the box is not too full or too empty. Items should be secure, with no room to move around.

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