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HOW to properly use WARDROBE BOXES

Wait, what's a wardrobe box anyways?

Wardrobe boxes are a perfect way to properly transport your clothes in wrinkle and fold free condition to the next place. Here we'll teach you HOW to do this properly, to ensure a perfect move for your finest clothing items.

Always put all of your home things inside strong cardboard boxes, which is one of the finest packing recommendations we can provide you. (Plastic bags aren't going to cut it.)

A wardrobe box is the largest standard-sized box used by most movers. Our wardrobe boxes are 24" x 21" x 49" in size and include a 24" metal hanging bar. Sometimes they come in smaller, more compact variants, or in different materials. Though, all have the same idea and purpose in the end,

It's developed specifically to transfer hanging garments safely during a relocation (Hanging closet clothes, such as coats, boutique items, suit jackets, dresses, and any other hanging shirts or pants). Because you may hang your clothing on the hanger, your garments will not wrinkle throughout the relocation.

Unpacking is quick and easy since garments can simply be pulled from a closet and hanged on the box's metal hanging bar. Simply move the hanging clothing into the new closet once you've arrived at your new place.

SO? How do I use the wardrobe box ? 

Packing a wardrobe box is quite simple, as you will see after packing a few of them.

-To put together a wardrobe box, start by flipping it over and sealing the bottom shut, being sure to secure the seams with additional packing tape. After that, stand the box up.

-To make it easy to add your hanging clothing, one side of the box is intended to come out and fold down. Next, take down this wall.

-Insert the hanging bar into the grooves that have been pre-cut. The box is now ready to be packed after it has been inserted.

-To optimise space, begin by arranging goods such as shoes, belts, handbags, and other light items in the bottom of the wardrobe box.

-Place the garments on the bar that are hanging.

-When the box is full, fold up all of the tabs and tape the top of the box shut. (Don't forget to name it and keep it upside down at all times.)

Also, here's some packing advice.

Try not to insert too much or items that are heavy on the bottom of the box. This can collapse the box and potentially render it useless afterwards.

If you need to know how many you'll need, simply use the tool of 2 boxes per bedroom closet. We're also speaking of the average 3.5 foot closet, not a big walk-in!

Go around the home, count the amount of closets you have and multiply by 2. This should give you a general idea of how many boxes you'll need in total.

Thanks for coming to another addition of FCM talks. #friendlycitymovers

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