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Important MOVING terms!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Here we'll go over some of the important industry terms that are great points for any potential customer, mover or company owner to have a solid understanding of.

(note; If you're a customer, make sure you understand these terms before you go ahead and sign binding contracts)

Additional services — such as packing, unpacking, and appliance servicing — may incur additional charges if they are required by your request or by building rules.

Furniture Dolly - A customised dolly with straps to help load and unload heavy goods like appliances and enormous furniture is known as an appliance dolly.

Bill of Lading — the contract between the mover and the client that also serves as a receipt (it's critical to read the bill of lading carefully before signing it.)

Full-replacement value coverage – the amount of money needed to replace a damaged item, regardless of its age. (Most valuation plans demand coverage of the entire cargo, not just particular articles.) Request terms from your carrier.)

Inventory - A complete record of your household products that shows the number and condition of each item.

Interprovincial - Any move that crosses a provincial boundary, regardless of distance, is considered an interprovincial move.

Intraprovincial - A move within a province boundary is known as an intraprovincial move.

Packing service – many full-service movers provide customers the option of having all of their belongings packed ahead of time and then unpacked at their new location.

Moving Tape - A strong adhesive tapes especially made for wrapping blankets and pads across furniture items. Typically brown / tan in colour.

Packing Tape - A lighter adhesive tape used to seal boxes and crates. Usually clear.

Piano Dolly / Piano Skid - A long flat dolly / skid used to transport pianos. This item looks like two wooden ski's with 2 cross members for support. Usually no wheels.

Moving Truck - The large, singular contained truck used for loading your valuables. Variable sizes, usually from 12' to 53' in length.

Stretch Wrap - Clear plastic wrapping material used to contain items and secure blankets and pads. A very quick alternative to tape, with more tensile stretch and strength.

Storage - Self contained, non penetrable units used for the storing of furniture and valuables. Can vary from insulated to non insulated, free standing to building unit, as well as size difference.

Floor runners - Rubber mats usually cut in 20' lengths. Very important for slippery ramps, hardwood floors and keeping carpets clean.

As you can see, there are quite a few terms in the industry. We could go over the entire glossary of terms, but we deemed these as basic and important for customers, movers and enthusiasts altogether. For more knowledge, visit your team at #friendlycitymovers

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