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Important things to clean AFTER a MOVE!

Updated: May 11, 2022

I'm quite sure the initial walkthrough of your new house before you moved in was quite clean and livable. Now that you've moved in, you're starting to realise that the former residents' dust or filth is still present.

Instead of relapsing into your usual routine, set aside a weekend or two to thoroughly clean your property and remove any residue left behind from prior tenants.

Here's a comprehensive list of things to clean once you move in. Continue reading for cleaning recommendations for each area.

  • Backsplash for Kitchen

  • Drawers and Cabinets in the Kitchen

  • Range Hood & Filters Dishwasher Under/Behind The Stove

  • Faucet Aerators & Oven Faucets

  • Garbage Disposal Behind/Under Refrigerator

  • Refrigerator Ice maker and water filter

  • Ceiling Lights

  • Knobs and Handles

  • Switches for lights

  • Blinds and Window Treatments

  • Floors / Carpets

  • Replace Air Filters

  • Baseboards

  • Chandeliers

  • Indoor Lighting Fixtures & Bulbs

  • Pool Filter Windows Fireplace / Chimney Gutters

  • Fixtures & Bulbs for Outdoor Lighting

  • Showerheads Everything else in your bathroom should be cleaned or replaced.

  • Vents for Dryers

There are the main areas that need attention. When moving into a new home, these are the common spots people leave and or miss typically. Because of our ever growing need for improved sanitation, right after you move in is the perfect time for it. Obviously you're going to be tired, stressed and exhausted after all the moving, but hit it before you've actually settled into your new home.

Good tips are also having movers where disposable foot pads or booties, using floor runners or paper to cover the common walkways, especially carpet and to also avoid the dirty areas of the property if at all possible. This will all limit the extra cleaning afterwards, and ensure nothing is left when it's finally time to settle in.

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