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Is bubble and stretch wrap useful when MOVING?

When it comes to packing for a move, which is a task of huge proportions with countless perils, you'll want to take advantage of any and all opportunities to expedite and simplify the process. Indeed, there are several ingenious packing tricks that may assist you in completing the process more quickly and efficiently — you only need to be aware of them.

You're all set to travel to your new house.

The use of plastic wrap for packaging is one such absolutely basic yet incredibly useful tip. Cling film can preserve your furniture, keep loose objects bundled together, prevent liquids from leaking, and much more - it can help you solve a variety of moving difficulties and avoid a variety of hazards associated with relocating.

Plastic wrap packing is, in fact, one of the most effective ways to keep your stuff safe during a house move - and it's also rather simple and quick.

Why would you want to move using stretch wrap?

  • Plastic wrap, also known as stretch wrap or shrink wrap, is one of the most important packing tools to have on hand while packing your belongings for a move. Plastic stretch wrap can protect furniture from scratches and scuffs, keep dust and grime off of your goods, bundle objects together, tie loose cords and wires, and keep protective wrappings in place.

  • Stretch wrap (particularly professional-grade moving wrap) is fairly robust and tear-resistant, so it can endure a lot of stress and keep your things (even huge and heavy ones) secure during the moving process, despite how thin it is.

  • Packing plastic wrap is safe for your belongings and simple to use; it adheres to itself but not to surfaces (because to the lack of an adhesive backing, unlike packing tape), so it won't leave a sticky residue or damage the delicate surfaces of your furniture and other home objects. Stretch wrap might be a bit tough to apply because of its sticky nature, but it's incredibly simple to use and remove.

  • Because plastic wrap is affordable and comes in a variety of sizes, you can quickly locate the right sort of cling wrap for your packaging needs and order as much as you need.

  • Because packing wrap is recyclable, you don't have to be concerned about your move's environmental effect.

In the moving industry, we may not use bubble wrap for every move, but believe us when we say we use stretch wrap. It is extremely effective and can seal drawers, tighten up cushions and even firmly protect your items. Since we've taken it onto the truck, it's maintained out most versatile product, hands down.

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