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Need to drive a BIG truck for your move ? Here's HOW!

Whether you're performing your own moving act, or just need to help a friend drive the big moving truck for their move, there are ways to accomplish this. Though we make it look easy, it can be daunting for beginners. You'll need to be competent, confident and legally able to drive these trucks. Here's a quick how-to introduction.

1. Make use of the side-view mirrors.

You won't be able to utilise a rearview mirror located over the dashboard as you would in a passenger vehicle if you drive a moving truck, according to Grill. Blind spots are present directly behind large trucks. When changing lanes on the road, you'll need to rely on side-view mirrors and pay close attention to nearby vehicles.

"You certainly need more space," he says, adding that because many of his customers are first-time tenants, he advises them to avoid cramped quarters if possible.

It's preferable to park in lots that allow you to escape by driving ahead rather than backing out. If you must back up, have someone advise you from outside the car.

2. When stopping or turning, be cautious.

Moving trucks take longer to accelerate and stop due to their weight, according to Grill. Make sure there is enough distance between you and the car in front of you in case you need to come to an abrupt halt.

Moving trucks also require additional area for turns, according to Aaron Carlson, a Ryder rental sales agent in Glendale, CA. A blunder might result in you cutting a turn too close and colliding with other vehicles.

"You have to make your turns a lot broader or you'll scratch the truck's sides," Carlson added.

3. Make a trip plan.

Dr. John Gingrich, an optometrist, planned his trip from Johnson City, Tennessee to Billings, Montana. He leased a 26-foot truck to tow a trailer with his wife's automobile on it.

"We had our trip well planned," Gingrich added. "You want to seek for motels that allow you to park your truck."

Gingrich estimated how far he could travel on a single tank of diesel fuel after driving over 1,800 kilometres. He made it a point to get at a truck stop before the truck ran out of gas.

4. Adhere to the Highway Code.

Driving a hired moving truck does not require a specific licence, although Baptisti advises that you adhere to all traffic laws.

"You can drive these trucks with a standard driver's licence," he claimed. "However, all of the same laws of the road that apply to commercial trucks will apply to our trucks as well."

Driving below the speed limit may be necessary due to weather conditions. According to Baptisti, you should drive at a safe speed and never go above the speed limit.

"Be mindful of your surroundings at all times," Baptisti said. "As if you were driving a passenger automobile, drive defensively."

5. Take note of the height of your truck.

Grill explained that getting acclimated to the size of a moving truck takes time. Unfortunately, most tenants do not have the option of practising under the supervision of an instructor. As a result, students must be extra cautious as they gain road experience. A moving truck's height is simple to overestimate.

Before driving under any bridges or underpasses, double-check that the truck will fit comfortably. If you're going to drive underneath anything, make sure your truck isn't too tall to fit.

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Special thanks - SpareFoot Blog for our source.

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