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Our Ultimate Weekly Checklist for customers PT 3

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

..... AND THIS is where it really matters. Our last part, or PT 3 will be the final keys components to your moving day victory.

A Few Days Earlier

Remove the frozen food from the freezer and defrost it.

If you're taking your refrigerator with you, be sure you empty, clean, and defrost it at least 24 hours ahead of time. You don't want the food and condiments going bad, nor do you want them crashing around on the inside when being moved.

Make sure everything is in order.

Confirm the moving company's arrival time and other details, and double-check that you've written down accurate directions to your new house for the crew. Include your phone number and any contact details.

Make a payment plan.

Get a money order, cashier's check, or cash for payment and tip if you haven't already agreed to pay the mover using a credit card. If the staff has done an excellent job, a tip of 10% to 15% of the total price is appropriate. You may tip each mover up to $100 if your relocation was particularly tough. Remember that refreshments are always welcome.

Moving Day


Make absolutely sure the movers that have arrived are the movers you've hired and have been speaking to. There have been numerous recorded accounts of customers hiring movers directly, when they've actually been speaking to a broker. Confirm any and all details with your movers prior to work beginning.

Make a list.

Sign the bill of lading/inventory list and preserve a copy before the movers leave. You'll want to go over all the details prior to giving the mover your banking information. As well, do a walk through and maintain all your furniture is placed in the correct spots, and no visible damage is apparent.


Now that the day has been seized, take time and make a plan. You'll probably want to relax at the moves conclusion, this isn't abnormal. Unpack and prepare vital assets, beds, clothes, medication etc. for the evening.

Take your time and unpack your belongings. It doesn't all need to be completed in a single day, but a few hours each evening can go a long way in getting your set up and sorted out, without draining you mentally and physically.

Enjoy your new place and everything thats been accomplished. For more tips and tricks, visit your team at #friendlycitymovers

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