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Safety tips while moving

Updated: May 15, 2021

We'd like to address the do's and don'ts of moving. Wether this be safety on the job, dealing with the items or travelling to and from, here are some tips and tricks to keep you and your colleagues safe and healthy.

The DO's

  • Wear safety shoes. Steel toe, non slip, with proper lacing is key to protect your feet and your body from impact.

  • Masks or glasses while handling dusty furniture. Dust and particulates can be harmful for your lungs and eyes and may have irregularities inside of it.

  • Keep children and pets away while trying to move items. While moving, keep them clear and occupied so they aren't in harms way at any time.

  • Wear gloves. Gloves are extremely important for grip and protection. They will ensure the item can be handled 100% and decrease slivers and sharp punctures.

  • Always keep lights on while entering basements and cellars. It's difficult enough to move down there, don't make it even more challenging without vision.

  • Be sure to stretch your body out before handling items. This will decrease cramps and potential injury.

  • Always communicate with another lifter while moving.

The DO NOT's

  • Do Not wear loose clothing and shoes. This can be a serious hazard.

  • Do not lift heavy items by yourself, or put yourself in awkward positions. These can cause serious injury and bodily harm.

  • Do not leave drawers untaped or unwrapped. You don't want them open or falling our while trying to lift an item.

  • Do not force something through different entrances and exits. This can cause damage

  • Do not unplug, unwire or cut any type of utility or electrical without a professional.

Use some of these tips and tricks to help keep you safe, healthy AND successful during your move day!


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