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SMART tips for pre-move preparation

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Sort Through Your Possessions and Make a Decision About Their Fate

  • Discard broken or worn-out goods that will never be used again;

  • Make a donation pile of goods in good condition that you no longer need or like;

  • Set aside more valuable goods to sell to help pay for your move.

  • Request a list of the items the movers will not transport for you, and determine what to do with any such items you may have - utilize some (perishable food, cleaning supplies, etc. ), and give others away to neighbours and friends (paints, fertilizers, pesticides, motor oils, antifreeze, propane tanks, chemicals, and other flammable, explosive or corrosive materials).

  • Organize your goods you want the movers to transport to your new home by kind, purpose, priority, destination room, or any other method that makes sense to you and will assist you in unpacking quickly and simply;

  • Important papers, prescriptions, basic personal care goods, some additional clothing and shoes, food, bathing, and sleeping needs, jewellery, objects of great emotional value, pricey gadgets, favourite entertainment items, and so on should be set away.

Make a Detailed Inventory of the Items You’re Going to Entrust to the Movers

  • Create a list of all the key details about each item that will be loaded onto the moving truck, including the kind, quantity of similar items, material, make or brand, serial number, approximate worth, and any other distinguishing characteristics that may be significant.

  • Declare the item's current status — explain the item's current condition in detail and make a note of any previous damage;

  • Include photos of the item (taken shortly before the move) and all the applicable documentation (warranties, maintenance receipts, authenticity certificates, appraisal statements, etc.).

Your moving inventory will not only help you get an accurate moving estimate and keep better track of your possessions, but will also double as a detailed packing list, facilitate labeling and unpacking, and – most importantly – serve as proof in case some of your items get lost or damaged while in the movers’ custody and you need to file a claim.

Take close-up photos of the items you'll be moving.

  • Take numerous pictures of all the goods that will be transported by the movers from various perspectives (including close-up images). If any of them are damaged when they arrive, the photos will show that the damage occurred while the objects were in transit — that is, when the movers were handling them. This will come in useful if you need to file an insurance claim.

  • Before the movers come and unhook the cables in order to pack the things, take a few photographs of the backs of any electrical equipment and appliances that have a lot of cords, wires, or hoses going in and out of them (or before you disconnect them yourself). This will make re-connecting your devices and appliances in your new house much easier.

Organize and clean your belongings

  • Unplug and clean electrical appliances – empty, defrost, and clean refrigerators and freezers; empty and clean dishwashers; clean ovens, ranges, and microwaves, among other things. Dry the equipment with a towel after thawing and cleaning to remove any signs of moisture.

  • Remove any gadgets that will be put upon the moving truck's battery;

  • Drain the gasoline from any gas-powered tools you want to transfer (lawn mower, snow blower, etc.).

  • Remove all items from drawers, cabinets, book shelves, and other furniture. Clean the surfaces with a damp cloth;

  • Covers stripped from beds, couches, chairs, and tables, as well as ornamental cushions, linens, and other items;

  • All linens and towels should be washed and dried.

To summarise, the best approach to prepare for movers is to do everything you can to make their job easier and faster. On moving day, proper planning will help you prevent delays, accidents, misunderstandings, and setbacks, ensuring a smooth relocation experience. 

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