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So, how do we MOVE using shoulder straps ?

How to utilize shoulder slings

It's quite easy to move furniture and appliances by using shoulder straps. However, there are a few particulars you should be aware of in order to maximise safety and effectiveness.

Here's how to employ a shoulder dolly properly:

1) Don the shoulder straps that move.

When using a shoulder dolly to move a heavy object, it is first necessary to put on the shoulder harness. The shoulder straps should be placed loosely over your shoulders, and the buckle should be positioned flat in front of you. The word "FRONT" should be facing outward rather than toward your body.

2) Position the lifting strap beneath the object you want to move.

Place the object with the long, durable carrying strap under it so that the majority of the weight is supported by the strap. Check to verify that the lifting strap is going the full length of the object.

Simply put the strap under any piece of furniture or appliance with legs to move them (between the legs on the shorter sides of the item).In order to slide the strap beneath an object that doesn't have legs, you must tilt the thing backward.

3. Fasten your seatbelt

With your back straight and your knees bent, squat down next to the object you're about to lift. Thread one end of the carrying strap that is currently below the object through the buckle on your shoulder harness.

4) Change the carrying strap's length.

Once the lifting strap is fastened to both ends of the shoulder harnesses, you must adjust the length of the strap connecting the two harnesses so that when you stand up, the object is lifted at a height of several inches.

Pull the strap end as far as necessary while turning the buckle so it is horizontal with the ground (the shorter the strap, the higher the item will be lifted). When vertical, the buckle locks.

5) Raise the object

Place your hands on each side of the object you're about to hoist with the movable harness system in place and locked in place. Push upon the object with both arms at the same time until they are straight. Ensure that both of you are working on the same task at the same time.

Utilizing the leverage provided by the straps as well as the strength of your shoulder and leg muscles, slowly extend your legs while maintaining a straight back and supporting the object with your hands. Make sure your spouse gets up at the same time.

6) Deliver the object to its location.

Work together with your companion to move the object to the desired location (into the moving truck, inside your new home, into a different room, etc.). While providing instructions and cautions, one of you will have to move backwards and the other ahead. Keep your hands on the object you're carrying to keep it steady and secure while you move slowly and cautiously.

As soon as you arrive at your location, lower the bulky object to the ground and unbuckle the strap from the shoulder harness. Take remove your shoulder lifting straps and the carrying strap that is attached to the bottom of the object.

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