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Some info on MOVING a FRIDGE!

Knowing how to move a refrigerator correctly and safely then is crucial, since just winging it comes with a lot of risk—both to the appliance itself and, more importantly, to you. If you`ve got the time and the budget, we recommend getting a professional to pack up and transport your refrigerator for you.

Below, we`ll go over how to move a refrigerator from your old home to your new one, including how to prep your fridge for a move and how to carry it to and from the truck.

Getting in the KNOW

Note that the process of how to move a refrigerator starts before moving day, so be sure to go through these steps ahead of time and make a plan of attack.

If you`re going to be moving your refrigerator by yourself (and you`re not a professional weightlifter), then you`ll need a few things on hand to help you do it: Moving straps or bungee cords (multiple sets) Ideally you will just be able to move your refrigerator directly from the kitchen to the moving truck in the driveway, but that`s not always the case.

....aaaand the crucial pre-plan

Figure out what your route is going to have to be by measuring the length, width, and depth of your fridge and comparing it to the length and width of your doorways. It`s possible you will have to take an alternate route—such as taking your refrigerator outside through sliding back doors—and you`ll save yourself a lot of time later by figuring this out early on. Clean out and defrost your fridge 24 hours before moving Refrigerators need to adequately defrost first, otherwise you`re going to end up with a slippery disaster.

Some insider tips....

Likewise, you`ll want to make sure that it`s completely cleaned out—both of food and of and any food-related messes—since once the power is off there`s a potential for things to start rotting. Start by cleaning out the fridge and freezer. Wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant, removing drawers and shelves as needed to get as deep of a clean as possible.

The pro way!

You want your fridge to be as dry as possible when it`s time to move.

A large part of figuring out how to move a refrigerator is determining the best way to pack it up for transport. To pack it correctly, start by carefully coiling any power cords and/or lines and securing them close to the fridge with packing tape. Then wrap moving blankets around your entire refrigerator and secure them in place with moving straps or bungees—one toward the top of the fridge and one toward the bottom.

Le equipment

Have your appliance dolly and your helper with you, and carefully slide the unit out so you can get around it on all sides.

Slide the dolly under the refrigerator from the side, being sure not to snag it on any part of the moving blanket.

More Le equipment

Take your other set of moving straps or bungee cords and use them to secure the fridge to the dolly. Since weight can easily shift when you`re moving your refrigerator to the truck, it`s important that it is secured on the dolly as soundly as possible to prevent it from tipping over.

So, though this blog may be vague in a sense, it's important to skim through this and pick up the tips. We've summarized this to the main points, so anyone can easily understand. The MOST important part is to be safe, have a PLAN and make sure you're committed once you get going. DO NOT forget that helps is right around the corner ; - ) .

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