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The importance of moving blankets

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

So you may (or may not) be wondering why movers are so keen on using moving blankets.

Moving blankets are just as important as the movers and the truck itself. Without using proper moving blankets, furniture, delicate items, fragile pieces and more can be damaged and even destroyed in the process of moving.

Here are 3 GREAT reasons you should be using moving blankets EVERY time you move.

It keeps your furniture's legs from splitting.

Legs on furniture are notoriously brittle. If you throw a couch on the floor or slam a chair against the wall, one of the legs would most likely break or be damaged. Of course, if you wrap and cover the furniture in moving pads before moving it, the legs are less likely to fall off. Extra cushioning is provided by furniture mats, which not only protects the body but also secures the legs as well.

It makes moving heavy objects easier.

Moving heavy furniture into and out of a home is often made easier with furniture pads. Although raising or using a dolly is usually the safest way to move large furniture, it may often be easier to simply slide the object across the floor. This is particularly true for things that are oversized or heavy. It is possible to protect the furniture by putting a moving pad underneath it.

It keeps furniture from moving during transport.

The use of furniture pads, above all, prevents your pieces from moving when in transit. When furniture is loaded into a moving truck, it is likely that it will change and be knocked around as the truck moves. Moving pads, fortunately, keep this from occurring. They serve as a buffer between different objects and bins, preventing unwanted damages.

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