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The PROS of steel containers !

Why would you store your belongings in a cargo container?

There are several advantages to utilizing a shipping container for storage, but one of the most essential is that they are built to be extremely robust. Shipping containers are built to transport large amounts of cargo across the ocean in all types of weather.

This indicates that they were designed to take a battering. They're composed of stainless steel and are waterproof, so everything in your container is protected from the elements and any potential threats.

They're super portable

Another incentive to use a shipping container rather than a storage unit is portability. Another advantage of shipping containers for storage is the ease with which they can be moved. Have a shipping container delivered to your home or company and ready for storage. Are you considering relocating? You might inquire about relocation assistance in your city, such as renting a storage container in Tillsonburg. Then we can provide a storage container to you to load, and then pick it up and deliver it to your new address when you're ready! It's that easy.

They can resist the weather

Make Space Storage's containers are all wind and water proof, ensuring that your shipping container will resist even the harshest weather conditions. In the rain, snow, and other elements, keep your valuables secure and dry. This is just another incentive to store items in shipping containers.

Keep the critters out!

Make sure your valuables are protected from rats and vermin. Another advantage of using shipping containers for storage is that they can keep pests out, which may quickly harm the contents.

You can customize the sizes

Shipping containers are excellent self-storage facilities since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Our containers range in size from 10 to 40 feet, with the 20 foot container being the most popular. Most driveways and back yards can accommodate a 20-foot shipping container, which has enough space to store as least as much as a typical two-bedroom apartment.

So... What do we think ?

In the end, the storage containers must make sense. If you are ready, willing and able to move the items in yourself and have supplies, they can save time and money. They're safe, easy to access, customizable and usually less $$ than movers. This can be a solid way to ship and relocate on a budget.

But, remember, this has to make sense. If you cannot physically handle the furniture and other items, you're going to need hired help. Also, remember you'll need straps, blankets, wrap and other items to secure everything. If you also don't know how to stack and load a truck or container, this could result in damage.

As is with anything in life, way up the pros and cons.

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