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We want to MOVE to Alberta ?

You've made the decision to relocate because you've been feeling imprisoned, bored, or like you want to try something new for a while. Although Alberta seems like a strong contender, is the Canadian province truly the better option?

Alberta has lower taxes, better-paying employment, and a very cheap cost of living. However, despite the province's attraction, there are drawbacks, like a greater crime rate, fewer things to do in the area, and tiny things that could annoy you to no end.

Alberta is still a viable option, though. Let's explore what makes Alberta stand out for new residents, perhaps even new Canadians, and what would make you reconsider relocating there.

Affordable housing

The typical employee in Alberta might make between $1,150 and $1,200 per week, which ought to be enough to pay the typical rent for a two-bedroom home.

Alberta has affordable rent. For instance, reports that the following are the typical rental rates in Edmonton:

  • House with one bedroom: $897

  • House with two bedrooms: $1,259

  • House with three bedrooms: $1,692

  • Apartment with a bedroom: $997

  • Apartment with two bedrooms: $1,261

  • Apartment with three bedrooms: $1,356

  • $1,250 for a two-bedroom bachelor unit.

  • 1 bedroom apartment: $1,181

  • Condo with two bedrooms: $1,250

  • Flat with three bedrooms: $1,169

  • Rental prices range from $150 to $2,200.

In other words, the typical worker may work for a week and yet generate enough money to pay the rent each month.

Additionally, Alberta's tax rates are fair. People with taxable income of $131,200 or less pay 10% of that amount in taxes.

The Scenery is breathtaking

The Moraine Lake and the surrounding Johnston Canyon were mentioned by The MTL Blog as examples of why Alberta is the most beautiful province in Canada. The Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park is another great location for outdoor recreation and education.

The three Alberta locales of Abraham Lake, Jasper National Park, and Banff National Park are among Thrillist's list of the 12 most stunning places in Canada that you must see.

Basic Services that Are Available

In addition to having a strong economy, Alberta also offers residents convenient access to essential services. Additionally, some of these services are free. Five national parks, some of the most picturesque locations in the province, are available for enjoyment. Also in Alberta are...

  • 76 provincial parks

  • 31 wildland provincial parks

  • 208 provincial recreation areas

  • Three wilderness areas

  • 15 ecological reserves

  • 139 natural areas

  • Two heritage rangelands


The healthcare system provides you with access to:

  • 106 acute-care facilities

  • 2,772 beds for addiction and mental health

  • 249 community hospice and palliative care beds

  • Five mental health centres

  • 850 or more facilities

Additionally, the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan provides complete coverage for doctor appointments, psychiatric consultations, oral surgery, diagnostic services, transsexual surgery, nursing services, hospital stays, and other procedures. Additionally, some dental and optical services are partially covered.


K–12 education is supported by the government in Canada. The government also contributes to the cost of tuition at more than 20 publicly supported universities in Alberta, including:

  • University of Alberta

  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

  • University of Calgary

  • Bow Valley College

  • NorQuest College

  • Lakeland College

  • Olds College

  • Grande Prairie Regional College

  • Northern Lakes College

  • Red Deer College

  • Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

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