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What are the HARDEST things to move ?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Moving from one location to another may be a difficult and unpleasant experience. It really aches. Bending down to pick up a box or put a box into a truck might be excruciatingly uncomfortable and cause a backache.

The majority of people can predict which items will be difficult to transfer. Furniture, glassware, and home appliances, for example, are all examples of such products. These things necessitated extra caution when packing and transporting to their final location. However, some people misjudge the difficulty and stress of relocating, resulting in difficulties and tension on moving day. To assist you in better preparing for your impending home move, we've compiled a list of ten household objects that are more difficult to transport than they appear.

1. Antiques and works of art

Moving art is an art form that can be difficult to master. Antiques and artworks are popular among many individuals. They must transport their artwork and antiques whenever they move from one place to another. The majority of the time, such objects are quite valuable. Damage to them in transportation is something no one likes to witness since it would result in a significant financial loss. That is precisely why moving artwork and antiques is so challenging. Antiques and artworks are more difficult to pack because of their distinctive forms and sizes.

2. Electrical and electronic items

Most electronics are, by their very nature, delicate. Even slight collisions might result severe harm. For example, if a television, computer monitor, laptop, gadgets, or other devices are not packed properly, they might easily shatter. When it comes to prepping electronics or even electrical equipment for a transfer, particular care and procedures are required.

3. Precarious Glassware and chinaware are examples of such items.

Glassware, chinaware, and silverware are among the most easily broken home items. Even a little mistake might cause them to shatter. Such objects usually have a great monetary worth. Some things may have sentimental significance as well. Handling such objects necessitates extra caution and the application of appropriate procedures. Bubble wrap, foam peanuts, and the proper sorts of boxes, as well as the right procedures, are necessary.

4. Religious Artifacts

Religious artefacts, such as deity statues and frames, are naturally delicate. They, like glassware and chinaware, can be harmed even by slight collisions. Damage to religious artefacts is not regarded as a particularly terrible occurrence. Many individuals believe that damaging religious objects like god idols brings ill luck to the family. As a result, these things must be handled with caution. Wrap idols in bubble wrap with additional layers. You must transport yourself to your new house with caution.

5. Family heirlooms and sentimental items

Heirlooms (gifts), whether or not they have monetary value, are regarded as valuable things due to their high sentimental value. You'll never forget losing a pen that your father had given you for your birthday. Because of their sentimental worth, you will never want to see wedding presents or heirlooms damaged. By their very nature, some heirlooms or presents may be delicate. Some of the goods could be quite costly. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution when handling and preparing them for moving.

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