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What are the worst parts of MOVING?

Updated: May 17, 2022

Moving is one of the most difficult events in one's life.

Here is a perfectly impartial and non-definitive list of the very worst elements of moving, in no particular order. These things will consistently test you, stress you and possibly break you. Having a calm and collective demeanour, even if it's just take slow, deep breathes and relaxing yourself, can make a difference. Let's get into it.

1. That particular drawer

We've all had that drawer stuffed with expired batteries, foreign cash, takeout menus that never see the light of day since you order the same thing every time, odd screws from home furniture projects, and chargers for Apple devices that were discontinued in 2009.

2. Dirty secrets

Lift up the bed if you want to see how filthy you are. That coating of grey dust is you - all the skin cells that have collected since you last moved house and are beyond the reach of the vacuum cleaner.

3. Wasting time trying to pack feelings

Moving causes you to consider every property you've ever gathered, no matter how little.

It's virtually difficult not to squander some time sitting on the side of the bed, holding up each knick-knack like baby Simba, trying to recall where it came from before tossing it in the garbage pile.

4. What gives me so many stuff???

Marie Kondo was absolutely correct. None of this makes me happy. You did it wrong if you didn't toss away at least two bin bags full of belongings when you moved, and another two after you unpacked.

5. The issue of the pantry

Every time I've moved homes, my frazzled brain has convinced itself that I won't need pantry basics in my new existence.

Is it a half-bag of rice? Toss. Is that the end of the jam? In the trash. When was the last time I used turmeric?

Inevitably, I'll have to restock the pantry with all the oils, grains, and herbs I threw out in a pre-move blitz out of sheer laziness.

6. Resisting the impulse to acquire new things

You've moved into a new home, therefore you'll need a new duvet, right? Surely, this new home will also require new plates, cups, and decor?

No, it isn't true. Unless …

7. It is unsuitable

Some favourite pieces of furniture that once looked wonderful in the old house no longer do.

8. Deep clean twice

Cleaning the house you just left wasn't enough; you also need to clean the house you're moving into.

9. The expense

You'll have to pay hundreds of dollars for movers unless your friends have utes and can be enticed with pizza and beer.

If the aforementioned friends agree to help you move, at least two of them will be sick or have obligations on moving day.

10. Configuring Wi-Fi

So, how does the internet work? Isn't it supposed to come with the house? Please assist.

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