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What household items can I MOVE myself ?

The majority of your household things are simply tools to make your life easier and more pleasant. So, when it's time to relocate, all of your stuff simply go into boxes and into the moving truck. You will save a lot of time and stress if you use skilled moving services for your move, especially if you do your homework and pick a reputable moving company. Reputable movers will get your things to their ultimate destination undamaged and will complete all moving operations quickly and expertly, ensuring that you will have no problems.

But, here is a quick rundown of some things you can move yourself, if need be.


Although no one intends to steal or harm your data, mishaps do occur. Furthermore, before the movers arrive at your new location, you may require your passports, driver's licences, medical records, birth certificates, insurance policies, automobile registrations, and other documents. Make sure you have all of your documentation with you at all times and that nothing vital has been left behind or put incorrectly on the moving truck (if you're flying, double-check your plane tickets!).


Even if your silver necklace has no historical significance, you'd prefer not lose it, right? Jewelry is little and valuable, so keep in mind that it has a propensity of suddenly disappearing, either by mistake or on purpose. So don't entice your movers and don't take needless chances - jewellery is simple to transport on your own.


Electronics of high value might be easily destroyed or stolen. Bring your laptop, digital camera, smartphone, or any other high-priced electrical devices with you. Remember that even digital photo frames and stereo headphones have gone missing, and that DVDs and games are the most commonly stolen possessions during a relocation.

Collectors Items

Even more insurance won't give you peace of mind if you're at risk of losing a valuable collection or priceless antiques. Even inexpensive objects you loved collecting, such as postcards or seashells, are likely important to you for some reason, so attempt to transport them personally if they aren't too big.

Life Kit

Although your open-first box is unlikely to include costly items, it may be handy if you are forced to spend a day or two without your usual belongings. Make sure you have your meds, toiletries, a change of clothes, soothing toys, required equipment, and anything else that was vital enough to include in your survival kit with you.

These are just some of the essential items to keep an eye on. Also, we've heard stories in the past from customers who have had money / cheques disappear post-move. I'm sure it's not a common thing, but it CAN happen with the wrong people moving your valuables, so keep it in mind.

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