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What supplies do I need to MOVE myself ?

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Moving boxes and packing tape are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to moving materials.

There are a lot of items you'll need while packing for a move and on moving day, and not all of them are immediately visible. To assist you, we've compiled a complete list of all the moving materials and moving equipment you'll need for your next move—some of which are required, and others which are simply nice to have.

Supplies for packing

Boxes. Purchase or rent cardboard or plastic moving boxes to store all of your belongings. If you're using cardboard, keep in mind that you'll need a range of sizes, such as small, medium, big, and extra large.

Tape for packing. Purchase enough of high-quality packing tape. You'll need it for both creating boxes and sealing them after they're filled, so forego the dollar store packing tape in favour of a more sturdy option. You'll probably need more than you think, so stock up on additional rolls just in case.

Paper for packing. Packing paper will come in handy for wrapping fragile and/or pointy products, as well as providing extra padding and stability in boxes. Because ink can bleed onto your goods, only buy packing paper that is ink-free.

Wrap everything with plastic wrap. You don't need to purchase moving-specific plastic wrap, but you should have at least one roll of robust plastic wrap on hand to wrap around various goods. It's very useful for minimising bottle leaks and keeping related objects together (wrap up that stack of plates so they don't all shuffle around) (take the caps off of bottles with liquids in them, apply a layer of plastic wrap, and screw the cap back on).

Bubble Cushions! Use this to protect extra-fragile materials such as glass, ceramics, and porcelain. It may also be used to offer some much-needed cushioning to things once they've been placed inside boxes.

Baggies made of plastic. Tiny plastic sandwich bags are ideal for storing small goods that may otherwise be misplaced. Use them to retain screws that you remove when disassembling your furniture, as well as any other little items that are easy to miss throughout your home. Make sure each bag of components is labelled so you know where the pieces belong.

Set of tools

Assuming you're going to disassemble furniture, you'll need to get the basic tools you'll need (if you don't already have them). All you'll need is a screwdriver and a wrench with a variety of heads. Also, have your tools ready in case you need them on moving day.

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