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What to look for when HIRING a moving company!

In this brief addition to our Movers Digest, we'll help you discuss what you should be looking for when hiring movers. Some of these tips may sound obvious, but they're worth refreshing in your mind going forward. Please carefully read through this information and see what topics you may have missed.

1. Confirm that you indeed require movers.

If the option is there to move yourself, sometimes it's not a terrible idea. Do you have a very small apartment and a couple friends? You do have the option to rent a truck and bribe them with future help, or a deluxe pizza.

Obviously you're going to way options. Moving can be physically stressful and dangerous, plus the moving truck can very awkward to stack and drive without proper experience.

2. Completing your homework

If you determine you require the services of a moving company, do your homework. While money is essential, so is trustworthiness. Look for reviews on Yelp, Google, social media, and wherever else you can find them if you're contemplating a provider.

You should also make certain that you select a moving company that is appropriate for your needs. Some movers specialize in long-distance moves, while others provide superior storage options. Make a list of what you require and double-check that you receive it.

3. Consult your pals

While internet evaluations might be useful, you may also know someone who have just relocated. If a friend has had a positive experience with a mover, they can refer you.

Allowing a referral to stop you from doing your homework is OK, but you should appreciate the advice of individuals you trust. People want to share their positive experiences with trustworthy and honest movers, just as they want to direct additional consumers to the firms they loved dealing with.

4. Prepare everything ahead of time.

Inquire with the moving firm about cost-cutting options. In certain circumstances, this may entail activities like as packaging and wrapping breakable products. Prepare the things and have them ready for the movers.

5. Be aware about insurance.

Most movers will present you with a number of insurance choices. Examine each one and ask questions. The one you should choose is determined on your risk tolerance and the worth of the stuff you're transporting.

It might not be a huge problem if your $40 IKEA bookcase gets scuffed. However, if you have expensive furniture or fixtures, you might want to make sure they're protected.

5. Be aware of what you're getting.

Do you have a certain amount of hours that you have to pay for? Will there be two or three workers? If you're not sure what to expect, read your contract and ask questions. If your move takes longer than expected, keep an eye out for penalties.

6. Understand how the drop-off process will function.

Make sure you understand how delivery will operate before you sign a contract with a moving company. Find out how they want the boxes labelled so they go into the correct rooms. Inquire about the services they provide, such as putting bed frames back together and removing packaging debris.

You may save everyone involved time and stress by asking questions concerning both ends of the relocation. You may also make certain that you and the moving company are on the same page at all times.

Asking yourself and your family these simple questions can potentially make our break your move. They may sound simple and obvious, but this is a very important day. Being aware of the situation, prepared and ready to conquer your day will lead to success.

Thanks for listening folks! For more tips and tricks visit #friendlycitymovers

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