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What type of boxes should I use for my MOVE?

What to Look for When Purchasing Moving Boxes

It's critical to consider the qualities of the boxes while selecting the finest moving boxes for books, electronics, and kitchenware. Size, handles, labelling, and stackability are a few of these properties.

Lets talk about size

Having a variety of moving boxes of varying sizes might make a move go more smoothly. The ability to choose from a variety of sizes aids in the careful packing of various items into the appropriate-size box. Something might be crammed into a box that's too tiny or thrown into a larger box, causing the contents to rattle around and break.

Small moving boxes are ideal for transferring small, heavy items like a book collection. The boxes will be less likely to break or become too heavy to move comfortably if these items are divided into individual boxes.

Medium or standard moving boxes make up the majority of moving boxes needed during a complete house move. Plates, kitchenware, recreational equipment, toys, and a variety of other non-small and dense goods, as well as large and billowy objects, may all be kept in these 3 cubic foot boxes.

Large moving boxes and wardrobe moving boxes are ideal for heavier things that don't weigh a lot, such as curtains, duvets, clothes, coats, and pillows. It is vital that extremely heavy items, such as books, are transported safely. If you just pile everything in, it can cause the box to crumble and break, which is no bueno.


Moving boxes with connected or built-in handles are significantly easier to pick up, carry, and load. Moving box handles can be glued or affixed to the box, although they're most commonly merely rounded holes cut into the box's sides. This design is cost-effective and one of the more lasting techniques of making handles in a cardboard box because of its simplicity.

A hole in the box, on the other hand, might allow smaller items to fall out or expose the contents to water, dirt, dust, bugs, and other pests. As a result, boxes with these handles may not be the greatest choice for packaging valuables, tiny things, or fragile fabrics. Handles are exceptional where there's weight, books, glassware, fitness stuff etc.


One of the most crucial aspects of packing a house is labelling the boxes with the contents so that they can be quickly recovered and arranged. Moving boxes can be written on directly with a pen, labelled with a stick-on label, or supplied with a label already attached. The labelling method used should be the most user-friendly for everyone engaged in the packing and unpacking process.

The boxes can also be allocated a colour based on the location of the room in the house. You can label each box with a marker or a piece of coloured tape so that it can be readily identified and transported to its proper location.


Stackability is a factor that is frequently considered when choosing the best moving boxes. The boxes must be strong enough to withstand the weight of their contents as well as the weight of the boxes stacked on top of them without damage to the lid, sides, bottom, or any other portion of the box.

All boxes should ideally weigh no more than 50 pounds. This makes them simple to transport, load, and unload. Having a limit weight for the boxes also aids in the creation of a stacking plan. Even if they are little, heavier boxes should be placed on the bottom to act as a base and protect the lighter objects.


While moving boxes are an important part of packing goods and embarking on a new journey in a new house, there are additional items that can help guarantee that everything is packed properly and safely. Packing tape, bubble wrap, hand-operated rolling carts, labels, and markers are common examples.

Each moving box is sealed with packing tape to prevent the contents from spilling out. When the box is stacked, the adhesive grip along the middle seam also helps support the lid or base.

More sensitive or fragile goods are protected during the relocation with bubble wrap, newspaper, plastic bags, and other soft, forgiving packing materials.

Moving boxes and heavier objects in and out is made easier using hand-operated moving trolleys.

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